Powder Transfer Systems - Silicone Sleeves

Hanningfield Process Systems Ltd

The Uni-Connect system is a simple, cost effective method for joining two items of process equipment where a temporary dust-tight connection is required. The use of the flexible connection is ideal for material transfer and can be used to dampen any vibration problems.

Uni-Connect Silicone Sleeves

The Uni-Connect system incorporates the use of Tri-Clover clamps and ferrules to ensure simple integration into any product transfer situation. Using Tri-Clovers also ensures the transfer piece has a smooth bore avoiding unnecessary ledges or product traps. The Uni-Connect is moulded in one piece for FDA compliant silicone rubber. The silicone material complies with FDA 177, 2600 and is translucent.

Uni-Connect (Lite)

Silicone SleevesProduct Features include:

  • Dust tight connection
  • FDA compliant silicone
  • Flexibility for misalignment
  • Hygienic one-piece moulding
  • Easily disassembled and cleaned

We also offer a supplementary range of Uni-Connector sleeves with extended lengths up to 200mm. Uni-Connector Lite offers increased flexibility and has ‘Supa-Lite’ inner flanges supplied as standard.

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