Batch Loss Reconciliation And Recovery Of Powder From Tablet Presses And Capsule Filling Machines

Hanningfield Process Systems Ltd

Using the experience gained working with many major pharmaceutical internationals for nearly twenty years, Hanningfield has produced an innovative method of powder recovery from tabletting and capsule filling machines.

Hanningfield has produced many designs aimed at solving unique pharmaceutical production problems. A recent new product development originally designed for one of Hanningfield’s many prestigious clients, is the PRC, a powder recovery cyclone for use primarily in tablet and capsule production facilities. The system is very adaptable however and can be used on a variety of dust extraction applications.

In the manufacture of tablets and capsules, powder losses are inevitable. Generally the excess powders are drawn away by vacuum to a central dust collector usually sited in an uncontrolled area such as a void or plant room. The result is a ‘cocktail’ of pharmaceutical powders which may result in exposure to the atmosphere and personnel when disposal is required.

The Hanningfield system was originally designed purely as a method of collecting powders within the controlled conditions of the process room. Since the successful installation of several systems, other benefits have proven the value of collection of the product in the process room such as batch loss reconciliation and the ability to re-introduce product back into the process.

Due to the hygienic design of the cyclone, if protocols allow, powder can be recycled by a variety of methods back to the tablet press or capsule filling machine. A fully enclosed vacuum transfer system can be used, further improving the integrity of the recycling process.

With the potential to recycle product that would normally be lost during manufacture, installation of the PRC system is easily justified on cost savings alone, although occupational hygiene remains of primary concern.

The highly efficient powder separation ensures that virtually all powder collected is separated from the air flow. An internal police-filter located in a separate chamber acts as a back-up to maintain the integrity of the system.

The PRC is manufactured in Hanningfield’s own UK production facility allowing each system to be built to suit the application. Cyclones can be wall mounted or free standing and powder catch-pots can be sized according to the requirement. Each cyclone is designed to comply with GMP and are supplied with a comprehensive documentation package including certificates of materials.

For more information on the Hanningfield PRC system please call Colin Ellis on + 44 ( 0 ) 1268 549 777. Visit for additional details on Hanningfield and the unique PRC system

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