Naval Security, Ship Protection and Sea Barrier Technology

HALO Maritime Defense Systems

Stopping boats on impact and protecting vital maritime assets, HALO Maritime Defense Systems provides state-of-the-art Maritime Security Barrier Systems that prevent covert incursion and attacks, stopping boats on impact and protecting strategic maritime assets. HMDS understands the importance of protecting billion dollar assets including but not limited to offshore platforms, harbor protection, ports, naval bases, power facilities, bridges, and refineries.more

Ship Protection

The HALO™ Maritime Security Barrier is a completely different type of Security Barrier ship protection system. Based on over a decade of research and proven technology used in the fabrication and deployment of wave attenuators, HALO™ employs advanced composite materials and is designed to provide a ship protection system that is both low maintenance and ecologically friendly.

Naval Security

Ship ProtectionHALO™ naval security technology can be utilized to protect individual ships or fleets, harbors and ports, and can be adapted to protect shipyards, shorelines and other types of critical maritime infrastructure. Attacks by boats both large and small are stopped instantly upon first impact.


The patent-pending and dependable catamaran structure can weather heavy seas and storms and unlike competitive floating sea fences and ad-hoc structures, the HALO™ system is fully able to defeat swarm attacks by multiple craft individually or simultaneously. Access systems are innovative and unlike competitive sea barriers, are non-disruptive to normal day-to-day operations and like the HALO™ sea barrier, are simple, effective and utilize existing technologies.

Naval SecurityHALO™ Sea Barrier Technology

HALO™ absorbs impact and shock from both physical ramming and that from explosives. The modular construction provides a sea barrier system that is moveable and completely tunable to the type of asset being secured or level of activity at the installation being protected. HALO™ is clearly not a line of demarcation like many barriers being used today but rather a formidable boom standing an impressive 8 feet out of the water or higher.


Maritime Security Technology

Maritime SecurityThe HALO™ Barrier is a second-generation product from the company’s maritime security technology range. Our wave attenuators utilize layers of structure to reduce the amount of energy in a wave, creating a gradual release of energy and reducing wear on components and anchor loads.

In the HALO™ Maritime Security Barrier, the same principles are applied to the release of energy from a boat impact. Instead of designing a barrier out of massive, heavy and costly components, a holistic approach creates a structure that dissipates the kinetic energy of impact.

The system is not dependent on stopping the tremendous initial impact with a single structural member, but instead relies on cooperation from other parts of the system and most importantly, is not reliant on mooring to stop a boat. The HALO™ sea barrier works using principles of strength and flexibility.

Sea Barrier System

Maritime Safety and Security

  • Ability to stop attacks by multiple vessels
  • Stay on station capability; viable after impact
  • Requires little to no maintenance
  • Blast mitigation capability
  • Not dependent on anchoring to stop a vessel’s forward motion
  • Highly customizable, offering multiple levels of protection
  • Upgradable
  • Integrated platform that can mount different sensor technologies
  • Innovative gating options
  • Not an ad hoc structure; specifically designed as a maritime security barrier
  • Long lifespan; demonstrated durability
  • Wave attenuation
  • Acoustic benefits include reducing ambient noise in the water and boosting detection capability
  • Environmentally friendly
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