Bridge and Sewer Fill, Pumpable Concrete

GS Foam Concrete

GS foam concrete has various mix designs to suit all construction applications for void filling with foam concrete, foam concrete is lightweight, low in density and can be pumped over long distances, foam concrete is also good for load bearing issues and self compacts, self levels and can be produced on site to eliminate the loss of the air content which can make a difference when the requirement is to pump over a long distance.more

Foam Concrete Mix

What ever foam concrete mix we use for pumping you will lose some of the air content due to the nature of how a concrete pump works, the amount of air loss depends on which mix we use, the rule of thumb is the lower the wet density the more air lose during pumping, mixes in the range of 1200kgs to 1800kgs are the preferred option especially over long distances.

Foam Concrete Mix

Bridge and Sewer Fill

Bridge InfillThe standard foam concrete mix mixes for bridge and sewer fill over the last 20 years has been 4-1 1500kgs which will achieve 5n/mm2 @ 28 days, this mix has also been used for subway infills however most recently the mix we recommended is dependant on road type above the subway, its common to have a slightly stronger mix like 3-1 1500kgs which will achieve 7n/mm2 @ 28 days. For structures where strength is not an issue, we can supply foam concrete @ 1800kgs which is very load bearing and up to 500kgs for non load bearing, this all depends on the type of infill.

Pumpable Concrete

Concrete PumpingPumpable concretes is normal concrete which has additives added to help the concrete flow along the concrete pumps pipes, this is not however foam concrete. GS foam concrete supply our product minus the aggregate (stone) all foam concretes should be stone free as stone adds weight to the mix, foam concrete cannot flow or become lightweight if stone is added to the mix. Should a client wish to pump conventional concrete over long distances and achieve around 35n/mm2 then this is not a foam concretes job - foam concrete strengths range from, 0.5 to 18n/mm2.  However, due to the lightweight nature of foam concrete, it may be pumped over three times as far as conventional concrete.less


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