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Gresham Power

Gresham power has over forty years experience in providing military specification power conversion and distribution modules for naval applications. The British Royal Navy is a long-serving customer of Gresham, having the company's equipment installed in virtual all of its surface and submarine vessels. As testimony to its products, Gresham continues to support technology installed over 40 years ago, owing to superb design and build quality that meets the highest military standards.more

Gresham's products ensure that critical ship functions, such as emergency lighting and communications, are maintained when main sources of power fail. The products play a key role in keeping personnel safe in a crisis, as well as managing power efficiently and intuitively across a wide range of naval platforms. The company has a global reach, supplying power distribution technologies to the Navies of Malaysia, Australia, Spain, Oman, Japan and Turkey.

  • Static Frequency Converters
  • Military Grade Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Transformer Rectifier Units
  • DC Distribution Systems
  • Submarine Battery Charging Applications
  • Helicopter Starting Rectifiers

Military Grade UPS

In the event of power loss, Gresham's products activate to provide instant support for your ship's batteries. The transition from regular to emergency power is seamless and is typically available for 30 minutes. Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers and Type 45 Destroyers currently have this equipment in place.

Gresham's uninterruptible power supplies are built into a robust steel housing unit, which can be easily deck mounted. A hinged cover provides straightforward access  for repair or maintenance. In order to keep equipment functioning at optimal temperatures, the sides, front and rear of the housing unit includes louvers for fan assisted cooling. Some of Gresham's Military Grade UPS' are equipped with monitoring technologies, which work continuously to ensure the good health of the ship's batteries. An alarm is triggered if there is a short circuit, power cut or increased levels of hydrogen concentration.

DC Distribution Systems

Gresham has a rich history of supplying DC Distribution Systems  to the defense sector. Its Transformer Rectifier units are made to military standards and enable the efficient supply of DC power. In the event of an emergency it is essential for on-board applications, such as communications, fire doors and machinery to remain operational - for this, the transformer units covert a vessel's power supply to 28V DC. Going beyond the rectification of AC to DC, Gresham delivers solutions that cater for the power distribution needs of it customers and that operate in challenging circumstances. Benefitting from excellent redundancy, the equipment is always battery backed for emergencies, with rectifier units including an compact switchboard for precise power distribution.

In addition, Gresham has a firm understanding of the differences between commercial-off-the-shelf products (COTS) and military ruggedised hardware. The company have excellent experience in adapting COTS products for military applications, making them compliant with MIL Standards. Products are upgraded with suitable vibration and shock protection, EMC defense and a tough packaging for onboard protection.

Helicopter Starting Rectifier

Like commercial airliners, military helicopters require power support to start, power taking the form of @8V DC up to 1800 amps. Gresham helicopter starting rectifiers are in use globally from Australia and New Zealand through to Norway and Spain and is virtually all Royal Navy platforms. In addition, the company supply static frequency converters and a range of flight deck controls, presenting a comprehensive system for servicing and starting helicopters.less


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