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Greenstone Carbon Management

Leading carbon solutions provider, Greenstone Carbon Management, operates in conjunction with major organizations (both commercial and public sector) to assist in the day-to-day handling of their carbon emissions.

Greenstone’s support ranges from emission measurement and management through to mitigation. These practices are cost-effective and help demonstrate a responsible company approach to today’s environmental issues.more

Carbon Measurement and Reduction Strategies

Greenstone offers a carbon consulting service, specializing in the supply of advice on the development of carbon measurement and reduction strategies.  Additionally, Greenstone’s clients benefit from advanced carbon management tools through the use of an ASP model. Each client is handled in accordance with three main steps:

  • Carbon readiness assessment
  • Carbon measurement
  • Carbon reduction strategies

The Greenstone Acco2unt software product suite delivers professional carbon management and accounting solutions to the company’s clients. The Acco2unt software comprises a centralized tool for companies to monitor, manage and report their emission data and carbon footprint at varying levels.  The software enables each company to track its own performance regularly. A comprehensive selection of pollution factors (such as energy and water consumption) is considered in the equation of client emissions. The CO2re knowledge database takes into account current factors associated with climate change when calculating carbon levels. This is compliant with current standards. Greenstone Carbon Management’s software products include Acco2untlite, Acco2untenterprise and Acco2untportal. Greenstone Carbon Management’s Acco2unt product suite delivers a transparent, and detailed portrayal of clients’ emission data.

Carbon Footprint Reports

For companies unfamiliar with carbon accounting or with less complex consumption patterns, the Acco2untlite suite enables straightforward carbon footprint management. This carbon management process is divided into clear steps. Clients begin by identifying the main sources of C02 emissions within the company. These will be examined in the categories of energy, travel and transport. The findings will then be entered into the system and viewed before carbon footprint reports are generated by the software.Ideal for companies with more challenging carbon management requirements, Acco2untenterprise possesses several more advanced features in comparison to Acco2untlite, such as a personalized homepage. With an extended selection of emission sources to choose from, Acco2untenterprise enables even large companies to carry out carbon monitoring across various regions, offices and levels. To ensure that carbon calculations are made to the correct standard for each client, the Acco2untenterprise solution allows users to select the relevant calculation protocol. Further advantages of Acco2untenterprise include the ability to program emission reduction goals and utilization of a planning tool to trial the effects of potential carbon reduction schemes before implementation. The Greenstone Acco2untportal product suite is designed to suit the carbon management integration requirements of those in the vertical sector, as well as industry analysis specialists (such as banking, IT and retail companies) as well as the public sector.less


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