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uShip, the online shipping marketplace, was founded in 2003, created from an idea by CEO Matt Chasen had in the back of a removal van as he drove from Seattle to Texas. The mission of uShip is simple, to be the world's leading online solution for transporting anything, anytime, anywhere.

uShip: The Online Shipping Marketplace

Since 2004 uShip has matched over 1 million jobs between customer and transporters, placed over £100m worth of business and operates in and out of 120 different countries, through over 170,000 independent couriers, hauliers and transport companies worldwide.more

uShip operates a Carbon Offsetting program, providing a Green Courier Service, enabling both couriers and transport companies, and customers, to offset the carbon footprint from their deliveries. And, by matching transporters and loads, uShip helps both customers and transport companies operate as efficiently as possible, utilising vehicles already on the road wherever possible.

uShip, the online shipping marketplace, offers transport solutions for large, heavy and difficult to move items. Those that customers are normally not able to place through the established parcel networks.

uShip: The Online Shipping Marketplace

Green Transportation

uShip, the online shipping marketplace, believe that we have a responsibility to care for and protect the environment in which we operate. We are fully committed to improving environmental performance across all of our business activities, and will encourage our customers, Transport Service Providers, business partners and members of the wider community to join us in this effort. We believe that being Green making a contribution in a tangible way, rather than simply a theoretical way. And to this end, uShip operates a carbon offsetting program that enables consumers, businesses and transport companies to offset each of their deliveries that they book through the uShip website, providing Green Transportation, enabling any transport service to be a greener service. We operate offsetting programs with local companies; for the US and our global site we are a Blue Badge partner with Terrapass, offsetting 741 tonnes during the year 2010. From 2011 for our European websites we are partnering with My Climate.

Additionally uShip's Environmental Policy covers our own corporate responsibilities. Other Eco-friendly initiatives include; on-site lunches for employees, organic food for employees, bio diesel corporate vehicle, car pooling and public transport subsidies. As well as adopting the highest environmental standards in all areas of operation, meeting and exceeding all relevant legislative requirements.

The uShip RV used for the Highway to Help charitable contribute has been involved in aiding and fundraising for the Gulf Coast cleanup, more can be read about this on the uShip, the online shipping marketplace, website.

To May 2009, uShip has achieved the following environmental milestones, providing Green Transportation:

  • 210 million miles offset by transporters on uShip
  • 8,448 times around Earth in offset miles by uShip transporter
  • 307,000 estimated metric of offset carbon dioxide emissions (CO2)
  • 5,000 Green Providers on uShip

(uShip will periodically review performance and publish these results.)

Green Courier Services

Green Courier Services

Everyday there are hundreds of courier companies driving up and down Britain's road with partly loaded vans. uShip, the online shipping marketplace, helps those courier companies find additional loads and courier jobs to maximise the use of those vans and to keep them running as full as possible, creating a Green Courier Service. And it helps customers put their jobs on courier vans that already covering those routes, avoiding the need for extra vans on the road.

uShip has over 5000 courier companies operating under the Terrapass Carbon offsetting scheme, whereby the courier company can offset the carbon from the journey. Customers also have the ability to choose to offset their job too. Enabling any courier delivery to be a greener delivery.

Carbon Neutral Transport: Household Goods Delivery

Carbon Neutral Transport: Household Goods Delivery

The growth of websites like ebay and freecycle, together having secondhand goods instead of new, whether they be furniture, kitchen appliances, or garden equipment. The one thing though that has traditionally been a problem for secondhand goods is delivery and transportation, even getting a gifted secondhand sofa delivered across town can work out a costly and difficult exercise if you don't have your own van or transport.

uShip, the online shipping marketplace, solves that problem. Customers can list their sofa (or washing machine, fridge, garden shed or whatever other items they have) on uShip and couriers and transport companies quote to you through. The reverse auction format means that customers typically achieve savings of over 50% off standard courier rates. Whilst at the same time couriers and transporters are able to utilise empty space on their vans.

Eco Transport: Home Removals

Eco Transport: Home Removals

Many people move home using a local removal company, even when that removal is a national move rather than a short local move. Local removal companies marketing is generally focused on their immediate locality and this means that there are hundreds, if not thousands of removal vans moving around the country each month empty on the return journey.

And because of the way our property market works in the UK, it is difficult for companies to organise backload jobs in advance because the dates frequently change last minute.

uShip, the online shipping marketplace, gives these removal companies the opportunity to find removal jobs and loads for the return journey, or even as an intermediate job, collecting and delivering from points inbetween. uShip's transporter tools allow them to filter out just the jobs that are urgent, and ready to go now, and along their routes.

Reduce Carbon Footprint: Car Transporters

If you're buying or selling cars, then there will be the need for delivery. Using uShip, the online shipping marketplace, to arrange transportation means that you can effectively reduce the carbon footprint of your delivery by only requiring transportation in one direction. uShip utilises empty spots on transporters, meaning that customers don't need to request a dedicated trip. It's also a more eco-friendly option than going to get the vehicle yourself, where you would need either a plane, or train journey, or more commonly, a second vehicle and a friend to drive you.

uShip Inc205 Brazos St.Austin, TX 78701

uShip Global Ltd10 John StreetLondonWC1N 2EBless


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