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Gordian Strapping has been manufacturing and supplying high quality strapping machines and accessories to the UK market since 1937. In the 1970s, the company began to supply the Strapack range of strapping machines and later became a distributor for the OMS range of larger pallet strapping machines. Gordian also purchased a small company producing plastic strapping, and is still in the same premises today.

Industrial Strapping/Banding Machinesmore

Strapping machines are industrial tools. They are used to apply flat plastic or steel strapping, or banding materials, to a wide variety of packed products.

Various types of strapping/Banding machines are used for these applications and the choice of machine should depend on the volume of products being strapped and the nature of the products themselves. Selection should not be limited by the narrow range of machines offered by some suppliers.

Pallet Strapping Machines

... for the application of vertical and horizontal straps to palletised products. Vertical machines are available with retractable sword units which feed the strap through the pallet voids to secure products to the pallet bases.

OMS O8 Pallet Strapping Machine

A vertical strapping machine with a sword unit to penetrate the voids which allows the straps to secure the product to the pallet. The machine is fully automated and can be supplied with conveyors and a turntable if pack cross strapping is required. Twin-head, twin-sword models are available which apply two vertical straps simultaneously to increase production capacity.

When used in the brick industry, 08 machines are fitted with the TR19HT strapping head, which will apply strap tension up to 8000N to take maximum advantage of the high tensile polyester strapping materials available in the market. It can also be supplied on rails to apply a series of vertical straps. Fitted with TR14 series strapping head for less arduous duties, the machine will apply polypropylene or polyester strapping materials, according to specification.

Our experience has helped us to understand our market, and more importantly our customers, which is why we believe that we are able to offer strapping products and service to meet all their requirements.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service, our technical knowledge and ability to provide a full repair and maintenance service to our customers. Our highly trained sales team are always available to help you find the strapping machine that best meets your needs, and to advise on all your packaging and strapping needs.



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