LiFePO4 Technology and Military Battery Systems

Goodwolfe Energy

Goodwolfe Energy (formerly LiFeBATT) supplies advanced battery systems for the most demanding of military land, sea or air applications; providing standard and bespoke solutions for major military OEMs and Forces in:

  • Hybrid and electric drive
  • Standby and emergency power supply
  • Robotics and communication applications
  • Unmanned ground and aerial vehicles (UGV/UAV)
  • Portable power solutionsmore

Goodwolfe Energy offers both energy and power type cells coupled with an advanced management system and full engineering /technical support, to ensure that batteries exceed or meet the stringent safety, environmental and performance demands of different sectors and applications.

The Lithium modules offered by Goodwolfe Energy consistently deliver safe, powerful, reliable, low maintenance energy systems that are both cost-effective and environmentally sensitive.

LiFePO4 Technology

The military battery systems provided by Goodwolfe Energy supply up to ten times the life of a standard lead acid pack at just one third of the weight. The LiFePO4 material used in their systems is considerably safer than other Lithium chemistry, as the cells are much more stable. UN Testing has classified the material "Not Restricted" as the risk of explosions and fire through vibration, short circuit, impact or overcharge is minimal.

Goodwolfe Energy's CANbus Battery Integration System (CANBIS) offers the battery owner a class leading interface using standard J1939 protocols. The device provides State of Charge, State of Health, Live Voltage and Current Measurement, Battery Temperature and a vast array of diagnostic features.

Military Battery Systems

Goodwolfe Energy has incorporated unique designs into their battery systems to ensure that power requirements are always met and all available space is used. The design of the individual cells allows for customized battery packs of any voltage and capacity to be configured for a wide range of applications. This flexibility also means that prototypes can be designed and developed within a short timeframe.

8Ah Power Cell 40mm Diameter38mm 15Ah Energy Cell

The lightweight systems are easily transportable and can be fitted into Protector Cases offering an increased level of protection in dangerous areas. The team at Goodwolfe Energy work to ISO9001 standards and their military batteries have achieved Land Class A certification, providing reliable, autonomous power for equipment on land, sea or air and the operation temperature range of -26°C and +60°C means ensures usage in nearly all environments.less


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