Redevelopment of Doha International Airport - State Of Qatar

Gate Technologies

Whilst the big budget new terminal scheduled for the future in Doha has been much reported and has been semi-active for the last 10 years, the much lower profile refurbishment was carried out extremely quickly and with the minimum of fuss.

renovated terminal building
Façade of renovated terminal building

The airport is owned and was managed by the State of Qatar. It had not been the subject of investment for many years. The responsibility for operation of the terminal was transferred to Qatar Airways and to suit their plans for rapid growth, the CEO of the airline pushed through a fast track expansion scheme.

In a scheme carried out by local designers and main contractor the airport terminal was rapidly transformed and enlarged. The project could be termed low budget in financial terms however the result is a surprisingly stylish terminal with a modern consistent theme throughout.

The terminal has 14 gates and is big enough to cope with scheduled departures and arrivals traffic and also importantly handles the high transfer passenger numbers created by the use of Doha as Qatar Airways hub.

Although the main construction was carried by a Qatar based company, many of the specialist fittings were imported. Gate Technologies Ltd are proud to have designed and supplied all of the counters used within the terminal including check-in counters, immigration booths, transfer desks ticket sales, departure gate and arrivals counters.

The counters were made to a unique design developed with the clients architects and were made and shipped in record time to suit the tight construction programme.

New check-in desks
New check-in desks in renovated and extended departure hall

Gate Technologies provided a comprehensive service, which included staying in Doha during completion and sign-off of the design, and being present frequently on site during the project to resolve issues arising as the project progressed.

Installation was carried out in phases to enable the continued operation of the airport and carefully coordinated with other local and international suppliers and contractors. Manufacture of the desks was carried in the UK but special granite used in the desk construction was sourced locally.

Supervision from the UK was provided to oversee installation by local labour. Gate took complete responsibility for the operation and integrated with the contractor whilst working completely independently.

Operator side of check-in counter
Operator side of check-in counter

Front face of double check-in counter
Front face of double check-in counter

All of the counters are uniquely designed to suit Qatar Airways requirements. In the check-in desks the design takes account of the need for accommodating airline ticket printers, pcs, monitors and conveyor controls.

The immigration booths have an integrated lane closure bar. The transfer counters feature roller shutters to secure sensitive PC systems. All desks and booths feature a common family design but are individually detailed to suit the use.

immigration booths
Two of the 14 no immigration booths

The material selection was made by the architect and includes a brushed stainless steel counter front and sides with polished granite used to the counter top and for feature panels to desks fascias.

Gate Technologies are currently involved in several other projects using designs developed from this counter series.

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