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GA International Inc. – also known as - is a leading manufacturer of specialty labels. Since its founding in 1999, GA has dedicated itself to the research and development of high-quality labels, to help address the varied needs of laboratory professionals. This has allowed the company to grow into the largest worldwide provider of cryogenic solutions and chemical-resistant labels for use in histology.

Our vast catalog of labels offers unique and convenient labeling solutions for a range of industries, serving biomedical, biotech, and biopharma research labs, artificial reproductive technology (ART) facilities, dental clinics, as well as cell banks and bio-repositories.

Today, with a solid international presence, we operate from locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, with a very efficient logistical support worldwide.


Our goal is to provide our customers, from around the world, with superior quality products, at a reasonable price, and in a timely manner. Since our inception, GA Intl has prided itself on being a research and development company, providing exceptional identification solutions for the biopharma, biotechnology, and medical industries. Through the LabTAG brand, we have been providing specialized labels for the last 2 decades, designed specifically for a variety of different laboratory applications, including cryogenic storage, chemical exposure, and sterilization protocols. Moreover, as an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, stringent quality control for each product is always a priority, to ensure our products meet the strict specifications of the end user’s applications. We regularly conduct quality control trials on our labels, and never compromise on product quality, holding ourselves to the highest standards.


Our Products

Being a full-scale label manufacturer, we provide a wide variety of specialty labels and cryo tapes: blank or pre-printed with various printing techniques. Some of our widely used products include


  • Cryogenic barcode and laser labels
  • Cryogenic inkjet and DYMO labels
  • Cryo labels for frozen vials and surfaces
  • Tamper-evident cryogenic labels and tapes
  • Cryogenic labels and tapes for metal racks
  • Cryogenic labels for IVF cryo straws
  • Cryo markers
  • Labels and tags for PCR tubes, strips, and plates
  • Autoclave resistant barcode and laser labels
  • Xylene and chemical-resistant labels
  • Printing kits 

We also offer custom made products specifically designed to match your needs.


Our Services 

  • We are equally efficient in both small scale custom productions, as well as large scale industrial operations
  • Our production department is extremely flexible and always prepared to go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction
  • A free consultation is provided by our scientific technical support team, which includes highly trained professionals (Ph.D. and M.Sc. in scientific disciplines) with relevant lab experience
  • We are experts in custom packaging and worldwide shipping. With a capable and sophisticated infrastructure in place, we provide rapid delivery to almost any country worldwide within 1-2 days of receiving orders

It would be our pleasure to help you with all your labelling needs.


Cryogenic Labels

GA International is one of the leading manufacturers and providers of cryogenic waterproof labels for long-term storage in liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F) and low-temperature freezers, that can withstand multiple freeze-thaw cycles. These cryo labels are compatible with many different printing technologies, including thermal-transfer printers, direct-thermal and DYMO printers, inkjet roll and sheet printers, and laser desktop printers. These durable cryogenic labels can be used to label microtubes, cryovials, cell culture plates, freezer/cryo-boxes, plastic bags, and PCR tubes. Specialty cryogenic labels are also available, such as blackout, tamper-evident, wrap-around, and cryo labels for already frozen surfaces.


Labels for Frozen Vials

CryoSTUCK™ cryo labels are designed to adhere to previously frozen vials and tubes. Waterproof, and resistant to moisture and frost, these labels are perfect for identifying samples that are temperature variation sensitive, and can’t be defrosted. Blackout CryoSTUCK labels are ideal for re-labeling frozen vials when removal of the existing label is not possible. This permits vials to be labeled without the need to thaw them first, eliminating the risk of the samples becoming degraded. The re-labeled frozen vials can immediately be stored back inside liquid nitrogen or a freezer for long-term preservation.


Cryogenic Straw Labels

We provide multiple sizes of cryogenic labels for the identification of IVF cryo straws and vitrification devices for storage in liquid or vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C/-321°F). Cryogenic straw labels are used in assisted reproductive technology (ART) facilities and reproductive veterinary labs and clinics. The labels consist of a thermal-transfer printable area and a transparent self-laminating clear section that wraps around the cryo straw and laminated the printed part of the label, protecting the printed information. Furthermore, we provide complete printing & labeling solutions for IVF labs including labels for culture plates, cryo canes, and customizable printing kits.


Cryogenic Tapes

Our cryo tapes are widely used within different laboratory setups as they are resistant to extreme lab conditions, from multiple freeze-thaw cycles to exposure to boiling water, autoclaving, and transport on dry ice. We provide a broad variety of cryogenic tapes including Cryo-Laminate™, Cryo-Tape™ for Metal Racks and tamper-proof cryo tapes.


Cryogenic Laboratory Printing Kits

Our specialized ready-made and customizable cryogenic printing kits are one-stop complete labeling solutions for any laboratory setting. These kits offer fast, effective, accurate and easy identification of samples, files, and equipment, thereby saving the lab time and effort. The specialized printing kits each come with a thermal printer, barcode label printing software (optional), a scanner (optional), a resin ribbon (if applicable), and your choice of cryogenic labels. The printing kits offer several specific benefits: 1) The printed labels remain legible for extended periods of time, even when exposed to harsh laboratory environments, 2) They allow you to print high-quality barcodes, making tracking of samples faster and easier, 3) Facilitate smoother retrieval of electronic data and trouble-free record maintenance, 4) Improve the overall organization in the lab, 5) Minimize the occurrence of errors due to poor or illegible handwriting.


Xylene-Resistant Labels

Chemical-resistant and solvent-resistant labels for every step of the histological process, including microscope slides, paraffin wax blocks, and color labels for chemical bottles and drums. These xylene-resistant labels can withstand direct exposure and immersion in xylene, toluene, hexane, acetone, histological stains such as hematoxylin, eosin, methylene blue, and other organic solvents. Our XyliTUFFTM labels will not pick-up the colors of the histological stains, and maintain a clear legible printout, ensuring barcode remain readily scannable. Specialized labels for resin embedding, long-term preservation in formalin and for volumetric flasks are also available.


Autoclave Resistant Labels

High-temperature resistant labels for the identification of the material that will be sterilized. These autoclave-resistant labels are available for thermal-transfer, laser and inkjet printers, in both permanent and removable formats. The sterilization labels will withstand sterilization in steam autoclaves (130°C/266°F, 30 psi), dry heat ovens, gamma irradiators (50 KGy), and ethylene oxide gas chambers. Ideal for labeling metal and stainless-steel surgical instruments and trays, glass and plastic labware, blister packs, as well as medical and dentistry equipment.


Clinical Trial Labeling

GA International has a long proven history in clinical trial labeling. We embrace the challenge of meeting demanding timelines for clinical trial labels and understand the need to comply with local labeling requirements. This can include label performance, ease of use, specialized labeling, and of course ensuring the accuracy of the information that goes into patient sampling. Regardless of the trial’s specific needs, we have the experience, expertise, and know-how to help design and choosing the right labels. We provide custom manufacturing, packaging, and shipping to almost any country and location worldwide, as well as CRO with a free consulting service in label template design and configuration tailored to the specific clinical trial.



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