Specialist Equipment, Bespoke Clothing and Protection Systems


In conjunction with its strategic alliance partnerships G1098 is able to supply certificated specialist equipment, bespoke clothing, and protection systems to the military police and private security industries alike.

Our Senior Management, have the benefit of years of experience in the Military and Security industry, this unique synergy of experience both within HM Forces and in a commercial format, means our staff are fully conversant with both operational requirements and the need to provide a timely service, Important in the everyday drive for cost efficiency.

Services offered by G1098:

  • Nylon Product Manufacture
  • Ballistic Body Armour Manufacture
  • FR Clothing, Custom Clothing Manufacture
  • Thermal Identification Markers: Personal and Vehicle Manufacture
  • Thermal Target systems
  • Night Vision Equipment
  • Hostile Environment, Training Contact us for further detail

Tactical Nylon

G1098 designs and manufactures custom Nylon products for the military, Police and government agencies. Our solutions are based upon the needs of the user. Our goals are to offer products that are mission critical and assure the customer that we will provide the finest equipment. All of our products are made in the UK and constructed with approved Mill spec materials and components.

Ballistic Body Armour and Helmets

G1098 manufacturers and supplies body armour tested and certified to National Institute of Justice protection levels referred to as NIJ. These levels are internationally recognised by military, government and law enforcement to dictate their mission threat requirements. G1098 manufacture to NIJ 0106.01 ballistic test standard and the only UK manufacturer certified to NIJ level IV (4) protection level. We can also manufacturer and supply to UK Home Office Standards.

Specialised Clothing

Necessity feeds the need to create and improve. The field of military and professional gear and garments is subject to constant change and improvement. Work and operating environments are ever more diverse and demanding, stretching internal R&D and supply processes. 

It is our experience that standard issue items are often too universal and/or not available in sufficient quantity to be a "standard" for every man in the field. 

We believe high risk environments need adapted solutions to support the wearer performing optimally. Environments we specifically design for:

  • Maritime and amphibious
  • Jungle
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Vehicle mounted 
  • Urban
  • Arctic and cold-weather
  • FR / Flash fire protection
Our products have their roots in real world demand. Primary focus lays on value added practical usability. We take it as our duty to make sure each product is durable, ergonomic and comfortable to wear. You can find and rely on these characteristics in every single one of our products. Along with making sure the highest quality is guaranteed, we make sure our products contain only A-grade European and North-American made parts and fabrics.

Thermal and IR Personal and Vehicle Identification Markers

G1098 produces Infrared night vision combat ID products are high quality, visibly covert, passive infrared retro-reflectors. Our products use micro-prisms which increase the durability and brightness of our markers. The black colour of most patches causes them to be invisible at night. We carefully analysed each layer in the structure to give you the longest lasting markers. The hook is MIL SPEC A-A-55126 for strength of attachment and cycling endurance. The adhesion of each layer to the next was carefully designed to prevent marker delamination.

In the beginning there was the starlight scope and for many years we saw at night using night vision alone. Since then we have come to see using thermal imaging as well. Thermal imaging gives some advantages such as:

  • It requires no illumination
  • It sees through obscurants better
  • It is not susceptible to blooming.

Thermal Target Systems

The targets can be manufactured in most shapes and sizes including 3d thermal targets. The main benefit of course is that you can use them anywhere without base facilities. If we say that they reflect the cold energy of space, you will get the idea how they work. The targets however work night and day and during full cloud cover. They have natural thermal contrast properties and the position or appearance of the sun is irrelevant

CaTTIS provides a reliable, standardized method of calibrating thermal weapon sights (TWS). Our CaTTIS target provides a complete solution for calibrating sights in any situation. If you have used a 25m target with iron sights you already know how to use CaTTIS

Hostile Environment Training Packages

Wherever in the world your staff is required to live or work, as an employer, you have a duty of care to ensure they are fully prepared for the unique challenges they are likely to face. G1098 runs fully tailored training courses designed to help executives prepare for and mitigate against the risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar environments.

About the courses

  • Content fully tailored to your individual requirements and the types of challenges your employees are likely to face (e.g. Personal security, coping with attack, defensive driving, first aid, surveillance awareness etc.)
  • Course duration and location (UK and abroad) to suit your needs
  • High instructor (both male and female) to participant ratio
  • Realistic, challenging scenarios designed to demonstrate practical responses to a variety of situations and increase participants' confidence
  • Instructors selected for their breadth of knowledge and specific area of expertise
  • Interactive training through a combination of lectures, role plays, discussion exercises, and outdoor exercises
  • Up-to-date and topical, country-specific briefings from Control Risks' analysts in dealing with difficult challenges
  • Instructors have experience living and working in regions all around the world

G1098 is able to deliver its courses, workshops, seminars and tutorials Worldwide to meet the needs of client agencies.

Cyber Warfare School

Our unique hands-on courses introduce you to Military Information Operations (IO). You become skilled in Information Warfare (IW), and in particular Computer Network Exploitation (CNE). Unlike conventional security courses offered by others we let

you backdoor operating systems and have you write most of the necessary exploitation tooling yourself to gain an in depth understanding of what it takes to penetrate and keep control of a network. We believe that theoretical teaching of exploitation techniques, simulations which don't represent real world situations and a dependency on 3rd party tooling is not as effective as our focussed real world simulations.

In our courses, you will work with real vulnerabilities; write exploits, compromise and backdoor Windows & UNIX systems. After a successful breach you will exfiltrate data via covert channels. We begin where regular penetration testing training stops. All courses are geared towards the development of strong offensive capabilities with an emphasis of OPSEC. Defensive techniques are covered, but only minimal.

G1098 is able to deliver its courses, workshops, seminars and tutorials Worldwide to meet the needs of client agencies.

Intelligence, Research

G1098 Intelligence & Research Support Centre specialises in the delivery of professional research and intelligence analysis consulting and training services to law enforcement, government and business sector


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