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Fraser Optics

Fraser Optics was founded in 1972 as a provider of gyro-mechanical stabilized optical sighting systems, fire-control systems and sub-systems. From that point Fraser Optics devices have continually proven themselves in military and law enforcement critical operations, and having been put through such extreme conditions, continue to provide reliable and precise performance.

Fraser Optics' devices are engineered with the unique STEDI-EYE feature, which is designed to eliminate motion and enhance clarity, giving professionals and heavy users a competitive edge. With up to 98% of the motion interference that often hinders other optical products are removed by Fraser Optics' innovative technology, the products are an optimum choice in situations where quality is paramount.more

Situated in Warminster, Pennsylvania, the 20,000 square foot facility homes the company headquarters, quality testing lab, engineering design operation and production facility. Design and development takes place in-house by a team of qualified engineers and professionals. Outsourced components, such as lenses, prisms and machined parts, are contracted through the best US suppliers. Fraser Optics conducts performance, assembly, and environmental testing to ensure the highest quality devices.

Fraser Optics products include:

  • Gyro-Stabilized Monolite (Removable Eyepieces)
  • Gyro-Stabilized Bylite (Removable Eyepieces)
  • 12x40mm Gyro-Stabilized SPOTTR
  • 14x40mm Gyro-Stabilized Observer
  • Lightweight Stabilized Camera (LVSCAM)
  • Boresite Kit with Hard Case
  • Night Vision Capability

Gyro-Stabilized Monolite (Removable Eyepieces)

The Gyro-Stabilized Monolite enables clear focus on a target. With the built-in STEDI-EYE technology, 98% of shaking or motion caused by hand or platform movement is eliminated. The device is lightweight and military-grade for full and easy use in tough situations and terrain. Other features of the Gyro-Stabilized Monolite include swappable day and night eyepieces, a wide field of view, a scan rate of 8 degrees/sec and shock proofed to withstand extreme conditions. The Gyro-Stabilized Monolite is also smart device compatible.

Gyro-Stabilized Bylite (Removable Eyepieces)

The Gyro-Stabilized Bylite is a lightweight, ruggedized binocular set that provides quality performance in tough conditions. Like many of the Fraser Optics products, the Gyro-Stabilized Bylite is engineered with the STEDI-EYE technology that removes 98% of the motion caused by hand and platform movement. In military operations where weight is a factor, the three pound Gyro-Stabilized Bylite is a clear choice. Other features of the product include: swappable day and night eyepieces, a 100% buoyant and submersible housing that is waterproof, and a no-slip cover for added grip

Lightweight Stabilized Camera (LVSCAM)

The new lightweight vehicle stabilized camera from Fraser Optics is designed to be mounted on any platform or vehicle. Taking advantage of the built-in STEDI-EYE technology, the lightweight stabilized camera provides a clear and precise view that eliminates almost all of the motion interference experienced by other optical products on the market. The lightweight camera is particularly ideal for remote and long-range distance observations; including two internal colour cameras that can be replaced with thermal, SWIR, or other camera types.less


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Fraser Optics
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