Airport Traffic Measurement Sensors for Passenger Counting

Foxstream SAS

Foxstream SAS is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Airport Traffic Measurement Sensors for Passenger Counting, Queue Measurement and Pedestrian Tracking. Our products focus on 2 key areas,

Firstly, Airport Security has become a major constraint in our times and it is essential to have timely information propagated instantly to allocate proper resources. Our traffic measurement products and solutions deal effectively with crowd phenomenon, allowing both queue and crowd density measurement with simple and cost-effective devices.more

Secondly, Optimising Passenger Buying Power, Passengers are also potential customers they wont buy while in uncomfortable waiting queues, and time is precious. The smaller the time window, the more efficient queue management must be. It is essential to understand traffic constraints. Once again, our passenger flow products and solutions are able to provide instant pedestrian traffic information, as well as accurate and timely statistics to help you make the correct business decisions.

Airport Bidirectional Passenger Counting Sensor - B-TOP Sensor

Using either a tiny analog sensor or an embedded device, our B-TOP Indoor Bidirectional Passenger Counting Sensor accurately counts people passing underneath. Its advanced software algorithms are able to accurately sense moving direction to produce in and out counting, even when passengers cross or station just under it.

B-TOP People Counting Sensor is self maintained, and will send an alarm if a sensor is obscured or misaligned.

Airport Passenger Queue Measurement Sensor - B-QUEUE Sensor

We use a tiny video sensor in our B-QUEUE Indoor Queue Measurement Sensor, which accurately detects and measures pedestrian congestion. The B-QUEUE then reports upon request how many people are gathered in its field of view, and it can be set up to trigger an alarm when more people than expected are standing waiting.

B-QUEUE can operate on designated areas or on any place in its visual field, making it very flexible to use in open environments.

Airport/Indoor Attraction Measurement Sensor - B-ATTRACT Sensor

Using either a tiny video sensor or an embedded device, B-ATTRACT Airport/Indoor Attraction Measurement Sensor detects any hotspot activity, measures dwell time, and counts the number of times people have dwelt for longer than a pre-set period.

B-ATTRACT operates on designated areas or on any place in its visual field, making it very flexible to use in open environments.

Airport Pedestrian Tracking Sensor - B-TRACK Sensor

B-TRACK Airport Pedestrian Tracking Sensor uses data from a network of sensors to analyse pedestrian paths. Using the most sophisticated technology and tiny sensors, B-TRACK will accurately describe to you, average paths, dwell times, and much more.

For instance, you may need to understand average buying routes in a Airport shop, or the most frequent path in a Airport shopping mall. B-TRACK delivers you this valued information at your fingertips.

About Blue Eye Video:

We are an engineering company based in Grenoble, France. Founded by a group of image analysis and computing engineers and researchers, we develop our business by selling top performance counting and traffic measurement solutions to major companies and organisations around the world.less


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