OY FORCIT AB Unveils A New Insensitive Munitions Mine Disposal Charge (IM-MDC) – BOXER Series

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BOXER is Forcit’s new cost efficient Insensitive Munitions Mine Disposal Charge, which is designed to be used against conventional as well as modern sea mines. BOXER has been field tested by the Finnish Navy in 2009. As declining defense budgets, markets are looking for a new more cost efficient solution for mine disposal in peace time as well as in crisis.

Insensitive Munitions Mine Disposal Charge (IM-MDC)

BOXER XV, Live and inert versions

Forcit, a Finnish explosives and Defence Systems manufacturer, have unveiled a new Mine Disposal Charge, BOXER in September in Finland. BOXER is designed to be used against modern as well as conventional Sea Mines.

BOXER is developed on four principles; operational efficiency, Insensitive Munitions, Acoustic initiation system and overall economical solution that will challenge the existing MCM/MDC products in coming years.


A few years ago, we saw a gap between the methods and products in underwater mine disposal field, ranging from conventional methods (using several divers and charges made of plastic explosives) to the high-end mine disposal systems, comments Hannu Hytti, Business Director of Forcit Defence. As we discussed with the end-users, procurement people and decision makers, we found out the conventional methods are still predominantly used, especially in here in Baltic sea, where we still have around 50% of the 60 000 sea mines laid during WW II, still existing as possible explosive threats. With the declining defense budgets in mind, we decided to go back to basics and make a mine disposal system that can face the operational properties of the high-end products, but also to be affordable.

BOXER is mainly operated by a Diver but it can also be modified to be Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) compatible. Insensitive Munitions used are plastic bonded explosives which are STANAG 4170 and AOP-7 qualified and already in service in other Forcit's defence systems. Acoustic initiation system enables operations without cables or detonation cords and BOXER can be initiated from kilometres away.


BOXER XV has been field tested in Baltic Sea in October 2009 by the Finnish Navy EOD Divers. BOXER was tested against WW II sea mines. The results were very promising, all target sea mines were destroyed and results were certified with a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) by using Sonar and live video feed.

Insensitive Munitions Mine Disposal Charge (IM-MDC) Field Testing Insensitive Munitions Mine Disposal Charge
As a demonstration of the operational effectiveness, we measured the operational time to dispose a WW II sea mine in 45 meters depth using BOXER. The preparations, deployment, arming and firing took only half the time of normal procedures. So far BOXER has raised interest internationally, and we believe in this product to make a break-through in coming years, says Hytti.

BOXER can face even the underwater EOD challenges of modern techniques and technology, but also with affordable cost in the challenging economical situation.

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