Military Engineering Charges and Mine Clearance Systems

Forcit OY

OY FORCIT AB has been serving its customers in the explosives field over 116 years. Extensive history in developing and manufacturing explosives has enabled Forcit to become the market leader in the explosives manufacturing field in Nordic countries.

Forcit Defence has been manufacturing defence equipment since the 1920s, and manufactures insensitive munitions warheads and charges to clients around the world.more

Forcit Defence has operated with an emphasis on Insensitive Munitions plastic bonded explosives (PBX) since the 1980’s.

Insensitive Munitions Technology

Forcit Defence is an integral business unit of OY FORCIT AB. Forcit Defence and has been serving international defence forces and defence industry since 1920’s. Currently Forcit Defence is one of the forerunners in Insensitive Munitions technology. 

The core competence of Forcit Defence is to manufacture and supply  Insensitive Munitions warheads and charges. In the field of military engineering, Forcit has developed several solutions for Area Denial and Mine clearance applications. Underwater solutions available from Forcit Defence include sea mines, depth charges, torpedo boosters and warheads.

Forcit Boxer Underwater Mine Clearance Systems

Forcit Boxer is a cost efficient COTS product that is used in Underwater Mine Clearance against both, old as well as modern sea mines and UXO’s.

Depending on the target, the customer has a chance to select a low magnetic signature RP-C (for old sea mines and UXO’s) or an extremely low magnetic signature RP-M (against modern sea mines and UXO’s). Forcit Boxer has been field tested in Baltic Sea with 100% success rate on destroying UXO’s and sea mines. Boxer has both diver and ROV placement systems. A diver sequence of 25 minutes surface to surface against a UXO in 45 meters depth was measured in field tests, which makes it a very fast placement system.

Plastic Explosive (PENO)

Forcit manufactures a hexogen based plastic explosive, PENO. PENO has been in use around the world in mine clearance operations. It has a high velocity of detonation and permeability, and it can be used underwater.

PENO functions exceptionally well in very low and high temperatures, which makes PENO an excellent explosive for demanding mine clearance and military engineering operations. 


Forcit DFC 2010 is a new generation directed fragmentation charge. It surpasses the operational properties of its competitors and is the first DFC in the world that fulfils Insensitive Munitions requirements.

Forcit DFC 2010 is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) product and already two country’s defence forces belong to its user club.

The DFC is an excellent defence solution for Military Engineers in building defensive perimeters and Area Denial.

Mine Clearance Equipment

Forcit’s products have been used by international defence forces and UN EOD/IED personnel in various mine infected countries.

Forcit has been providing mine clearance personnel one-step-service, from where mine clearers can find everything they need in their operations, from initiation systems to blasting machines to plastic explosive.

Initiation Systems

Forcit manufactures electric detonators, called Firex (class B and C) and detonating cord called F-Cord 10. Forcit imports non-electric and electric initiation systems as well as safety fuse. Detonators can be sold in 1.1B or 1.4S packages.less


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