Energy Saving Conveyor Belts for Airport Baggage Handling

Forbo Siegling

Forbo Siegling are specialists in the design and manufacture of conveyor belt solutions for various industries, from food and textiles to logistics and airports.

The company's main objective is to help organisations increase their environmental friendliness while at the same time enhance their overall performance. As a result, Forbo have developed the Amp MiserTM solution, an energy saving conveyor belt perfect for airport baggage handling operations.

Energy Saving Conveyor Belt

Energy Saving Conveyor Belt

The Amp MiserTM conveyor belt provides significant energy savings through the simple process of reducing the friction coefficient between the underside of the belt and the slider bed. Forbo achieves this by adding a smooth layer of their patented Texglide. This acts as a permanent dry lubricant, decreasing the friction coefficient and allowing the conveyor to run more smoothly.

The majority of energy loss on conventional belts is through the amount of friction created when the belt runs over the slider bed. This is because, as the belt life goes on the amount of friction increases and therefore, so do running costs. In contrast, the energy saving conveyor belt, with the addition of Texglide, runs smoothly for the period of its lifecycle with friction remaining steadily low.

When designing the conveyor belt, Forbo have worked closely with both OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and end users to provide a solution which is capable of meeting all requirements.

The resulting product is an energy saving conveyor belt ideal for use in airports where multiple belts are needed for the efficient, fast handling of baggage. The belt is able to provide energy savings of up to 40% which not only helps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions but also overall running costs for the airport.

Amp™ Miser Belt

Amp MiserTM Belt

The Amp MiserTM can provide savings to airports in the case of:

  • Extremely long conveyor systems
  • Typically heavy loads
  • Steel or wooden slider beds
  • High or constant speeds
  • Horizontal conveying systems

As a result, the Amp MiserTM is the perfect solution for large or extremely busy airports that require a conveyor belt able to keep up with the every day pressures of high passenger numbers.

Not only does the conveyor belt provide significant power and cost savings, it also operates at a much quieter level, 2 decibels less than conventional counterparts, to help provide a pleasant passenger experience.

In addition, underside protection keeps the equipment clean for a quality overall appearance and extended service life with very little maintenance requirements.

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