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Forbo Siegling

Forbo Siegling are market leaders in the design and manufacture of synthetic, high quality conveyor belts for use in all areas of modern airport operations. Designing systems since 1919, Forbo have extensive experience in providing tailor made solutions which exactly meet the requirements of an airport. As a result they have been the chosen manufacturer for a range of major projects in the past.

The needs of modern airports are ever changing and developing. With increased passenger and baggage volumes, solutions are required which are capable of keeping up with this. Conveyor belts from Forbo, therefore, are reliable systems that maintain a fast paced environment.more

Forbo are also continually developing and improving their belts to ensure they always remain one step ahead and supply the best solution on the market.

Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Forbo manufacture a full range of conveyor belts for every movement system within an airport, from customer facing through to aircraft loading. These include solutions for:

  • Check-In
  • Collecting
  • Security
  • Distribution
  • Baggage Handling
  • Loading/Unloading

The belts are designed to increase the ease and efficiency of airport operations, leading to the requirement of less staff whilst speeding up the movement of baggage and improving the overall customer experience.

Each of the belts are designed for the specific purpose which they are to be applied. For instance, the check-in belts each feature surface patterns which improve friction and allow the transport of various case types, including those with wheels. Alternatively, the collecting conveyor belts are manufactured with an extremely wear resistant surface which speeds up the movement of baggage to the correct areas and ensures efficiency.

The conveyor belt manufacturer is also able to provide quality solutions for challenging baggage handling specifications. These include merging junction belts, which require a great deal of precision to reduce the risk of collision without impacting process speeds, and solutions for curved conveyors which are custom finished to the customer's own specifications.

As an experienced conveyor belt manufacturer, Forbo ensures that all products are manufactured to high safety standards which meet those specified by airport authorities. These include flame retardant properties which not only protect from fire but also enable the belts to be used for the transport of hazardous materials.

Energy Saving Conveyor Belts

Through their experience of developing and supplying baggage handling solutions, Forbo have realised the true benefit of an energy saving conveyor belt to an airports operations. Not only does such technology save money, in the form of running costs, but it also helps to reduce the carbon emissions of an industry which typically finds it quite hard to do so.

As a result Forbo developed Amp MiserTM, an energy saving conveyor belt range specifically developed for markets requiring the use of several belts, such as an airport.

Amp MiserTM

Amp Miser™

Amp MiserTM provides a reduction in energy consumption by considerably reducing friction coefficient through a special and patented underside of the belt. This provides a smooth layer and acts like a permanent dry lubricant. The reduction in friction therefore reduces the necessary energy requirements. Up to 40% savings have been observed through the introduction of the energy saving conveyor belts.

Amp MiserTM belts provide the best results in the case of:long conveyors, heavy loads, high/constant speeds, horizontal conveying and steel or wood slider beds. Each of these applications are typical for airport operations.

The conveyor belts also provide additional benefits along with the considerable energy savings. These include low maintenance and extended service life, lower noise and increased reliability.



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