Sharpshooter One-Man Turret


FNSS developed a one man turret family named Sharpshooter™. FNSS offers the One-Man Fully Stabilized Sharpshooter™ Turret in 3 configurations; 25 mm Bushmaster cannon, 40 mm automatic grenade launcher and 12,7 heavy machine gun. Each configuration has a 7.62 coaxial machine gun. Main features of the Sharpshooter™ Turret are; full shoot-on-the-move capability, wide variety mission capability, NATO standard, low cost, high survivability, defeats enemy AIFV’s, provides fire support to infantry squad , easily retrofitted to tracked and wheeled vehicles, light weight, use of wide variety of ammunition and weapon station drives and electronic boxes are arranged for easy access.

Fire Power: 

25 mm M242 Automatic Cannon (Bushmaster) Delivers Both Armor Piercing & High Explosive Fire with Extreme Accuracy.

Coaxially Mounted 7.62 mm Machine Gun.

Fire Control:

  • The All Electric Power Drive
  • System (with Manual Backup) Provides Smooth & Accurate Control of Guns & Sight.
  • Simplified Operation & Maintenance.
  • Customer Option Sight with Day/Night Capability.
  • Four Unity Periscopes For Side & Frontal Vision.
  • Fire-on-the Move Capability is Available with a Stabilization System.

Balistic Protection:

  • 14.5 mm Armor Protection with Minimum Weight by Optimal Use of the Latest Armor Materials & Spaced Laminate Armor System.

Reliability and Maintainability:

  • The 25 mm M242 Automatic Cannon Exhibited High Reliability & Effectiveness During the Test by the U.S. Army.


  • Full Shoot-On-The-Move Capability
  • Provides Fire Support to Infantry Squad
  • Wide Variety Mission Capability
  • High Survivability
  • NATO Standard
  • Low Cost
  • Defeats Enemy AIFV’s
  • Easily Retrofitted to Tracked and Wheeled Vehicles
  • Light Weight
  • Use Of Wide Variety of Ammunition
  • Weapon Station Drives And Electronic Boxes Are
  • Arranged For Easy Access

Sharpshooter Specifications

Primary Armament

Type 25 mm M242 (Dual Feed Automatic Cannon)
Ready Rounds 180
Rate of Fire 200 ± 25 rds/min Controlled Burst & Single Shot

Secondary Armament

Type 7.62 mm (Coaxial MG)
Ready Rounds 600

Gun / Turret Drive System

Type Electric Drive With Two Axis Stabilization
Traverse 360° Continuous with Manual Back-up
Elevation +48° to -8° with Manual Back-up
Rate >58°/sec Traverse & Elevation
 Tracking Rate   0,5 mil/sec
 Deck Clearance   Automatic & Programmable

Gunner's Sight System

Primary Sight Day/night Image Intensification or Thermal with Laser Range Finder (Optional)
Secondary Sight Two M27 Unity Vision Periscopes

Dimensions & Weight

Turret Weight 1.700 kg (Combat Loaded)
Ring Gear Diameter 1 m
Swing Radius w/weapon 2,600 mmi
Width 1,740 mm
Height Above Mounting Surface 950 mm

Ballistic Protection

STANAG 4569 Level 4 Standart

Smoke Screening

Grenade Launchers 8x76 mm
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