ACV 15 Armored Combat Vehicles


The Armored Combat Vehicle (ACV) is the generic designation for a tracked, diesel engine powered, heavy armored platform in the 13-15 ton class, capable of performing combined arms operations with main battle tanks. The platform design allows integration of different subsystems for full filling a variety of different roles. The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) chassis forms the base vehicle for all other members of ACV Family of Vehicles.

The ACV-15 is a full tracked (5 road wheels), lightweight, low silhouette armored vehicle capable of high-speed operations on desert conditions, poor infrastructure, roads and/or highways. Movement of the tracks propels and steers the vehicle on land. Access to the vehicle is through a hydraulically operated ramp, with personnel door, on the rear of the vehicle or through the driver and commander’s hatches on the top deck. A large cargo hatch cover is provided in the top deck, behind the weapon station opening. Access for servicing and maintenance of the power plant, located in the right front section of the vehicle, is through internal covers and through a cover on the front of the vehicle. Two armored fuel compartments are located in the rear of the vehicle for weight distribution and crew safety. The compartments are separated from the vehicle by armor plate.

The hull is constructed of ballistic aluminium plate. Plate thickness varies on the different planes of the hull to meet ballistic requirements. The all welded construction provides a watertight hull, and hatches, doors, and other openings have watertight seals. The power plant and the driver’s and commander’s compartments in the forward area utilize about one-half the space, while a weapon station opening located on the right middle section, and the personnel compartment in the rear utilizes the remaining one-half.

FNSS produced more then 2,500 ea ACVs for Turkish Land Forces and Worldwide users.


ACV-15 Technical Specifications (Infantry Carrier Vehicle Configuration)


Engine Diesel 350 hp (400 hp,Optional)
Transmission Fully Automatic
Suspension Torsion Bar
Electrical System 24 V
Steering System Through Transmission
Track Width 381 mm (T-130 Forged)
Length of Track on Ground 2.68 m


Crew 11 (incl. Gunner; Driver & Commander)
Combat Weight 14.000 kg (± 1000 kg)
Length 5.56 m
Width 2.90 m
Height Hull Roof 2.01 m
Height Overall 2.97 m
Ground Clearance 0.43 m
Ground Pressure 0.69 kg/cm2
Fuel Capacity 416 liters
NBC System Standart
Air Conditioning Optional
Automatic Fire Suppression Optional
Drivers Thermal Cam. & Display Optional


Max. Road speed  
- Forward 65 km/s
- Reverse 11 km/s
Water Speed(amphibious) 6.3 km/s (with Track Propulsion)
Max. Road Range 490 km
Gradient 60 %
Side Slope 30 %
Trench Crossing 1.83 m
Vertical Obstacle 0.74 m


Main Armament M242 25 mm
Coaxial Armament Automatic Cannon 7.62 mm MG
Smoke Grenade Dischargers 12 ea Standard (24 ea Optional)
Turret Type SharpshooterTM Stabilized Turret
- Crew 1 (Gunner)
- Control Electrical/ Manual
- Traverse Back up 360° Continuous
- Elevation/Depression - 8° to + 48°
- Sighting Day/Night Sight



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