AAAB Armored Amphibious Assault Bridge


The AAAB System is a bridge and ferry system designed for Turkish Armed Forces’ for fast and safe transport of land vehicles through the rivers in the battlefield. With its diesel engine, automatic transmission, pneumatic suspension and hydraulic brake system, the AAAB system can climb up to 50% gradient and move on 30% side slope. The system, different from the similar systems in the market, has an 8x8 drive system with a central tire inflation system.

The AAAB system has two water pump jets that provide the water operations and 360° movements in the water. The system can operate in water currents up to 2.5 m/s.

As a ferry, the AAAB system can transport a MLC 21 tracked vehicle. By deploying the ramps, which are carried by a hydraulic crane, and joining two systems, a MLC70 T vehicle can be transported. By coupling three systems from ramp to ramp a MLC100 W vehicle can be transported through a river. As well as the role as a ferry, 12 AAB systems can be coupled and constructed as a 150 m long bridge for crossing of vehicles up to MLC100 W. More vehicles can be coupled depending on the requirement.

For the safety issues, AAAB system has a self recovery winch, an automatic fire suppression system, a fixed fire extinguishing system, portable fire extinguishers, and positive pressure NBC system. The AAAB system has some additional standard specifications among its kind. It can carry 4 ramps on a single system. AAAB system has also standard anchoring system (both emergency and land anchoring systems), ballistic protection, and easy fault detection with CAN system.

AAAB Technical Specifications


Engine  522 hp (390 Kw) Diesel
Transmision Fully Automatic 6 Forward 1 Reverse
Pump Jets 2x 131 Kw
Power Pack Compliant with NATO Single Fuel Concept Aviation F34 Fuel, JP8
Number of Axles 4
Driven Axles All
Steered Axles All
Suspension Double Wishbone, Independent, Air Suspension

Electrical System

Batteries                                     2 x 12 V, 120 Ah (C20)
Alternators Brushless, Self Excite 2x140 A

Brake System

Service                                                                Hydraulic with ABS at Each Wheel
Parking Integral to Driveline, Spring Activated, Hydraulically Released
Tire Type Heavy Duty 16.00, R20 with Run Flat


Max. Road Speed 50 km/h
Swimming (Loaded) 10 km/h (with 2 ea Pump Jets)
Range 600+ km
Gradient 50%
Side Slope 30%
Vertical Obstacle 0.50 m
Trench 2 m
Turning Radius 12 m (Centerline)
2 Bay Ferry Payload (Max Single Load) MLC 70 (Tracked)
3 Bay Ferry Payload (Max Single Load) MLC 100 (Wheeled)
Bridge Payload (Max Single Load) MLC 70 (Tracked) & MLC 100 (Wheeled)


Crew                          3
Weight 36,000 kg
Vehicle Classification MLC 36
Length 13 m
Width 3.5 m
Height 4.1 m
Ground Clearance 0 to 65cm (Adjustable)


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