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FN Herstal

Belgium-based FN Herstal has a long history of weapon manufacturing excellence dating back to 1889. The Company has always focused on innovation and product improvement, resulting in the design, development, production and marketing of a large number of state-of-the-art weapons and associated products. This accounts for FN Herstal establishing in the last fifty years a position of worldwide leadership in the small arms markets.more

Taking advantage of its firearms expertise, FN Herstal is known as a premium partner and provides Military and Law Enforcement as well as Special Forces Operators with a complete product range that includes:

Portable Firearms - Five-seveN®, FNPTM and FNSTM handguns, P90® submachine guns, F2000TM and SCAR® assault rifles, SCAR®-H PR precision rifle, grenade launchers and MINIMITM, MAGTM and M2HB-QCB machine guns

Less Lethal Devices, i.e. carbine-size FN 303TM or holster-size FN 303 PTM less lethal launchers offering an alternative to the use of firearms by neutralizing suspects with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk in many situations where lethal force is not required

Optoelectronics including the new FN Fire Control Unit (FN FCU), which ensures immediate target neutralization in day or night conditions when firing 40mm tube-launched grenades. The FN FCU features an ergonomic and ambidextrous design, and is very easy to use.

Integrated Weapon Systems for airborne applications including:

  • Pintle mounted systems, that are either window-, door- or ramp- positioned, and equipped with a 7.62x51mm or .50 cal machine gun
  • Podded systems, available in three different configurations:
    • HMP250: features a .50 cal M3P machine gun and 250-round ammunition box capacity
    • HMP400: features a .50 cal M3P machine gun and 400-round ammunition box capacity
    • RMP: features a .50 cal M3P machine gun, 250-round ammunition box capacity, and 3 rocket launcher tubes (for 2.75" - 70mm rockets)

Integrated Weapon Systems for land and sea applications including the new lightweight, compact and highly efficient Medium Vehicle Pintle (MVP) that has been designed for vehicles operated by Armed Forces - and Special Forces in particular

Integrated Remote Weapon Stations, i.e. the new deFNderTM Medium with unique elevation/depression angles, capable of featuring any FN Herstal's machine gun upto the .50 cal (M2 or M3PTM models) or the deFNderTM Light that accepts any FN Herstal's machine gun upto the 7.62x51mm caliber (MINIMITM 7.62 or MAG/GMPG).

A full range of small caliber ammunitionless


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FN Herstal
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B-4040, Herstal

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