Sample Storage Consumables


External Thread Screw Cap RangeExternal thread screw top tubes provide greater working volume, and require less freezer space, than internal thread alternatives.

3 different volumes: 0.3 ml, 0.7 ml, 1.0 ml

External Thread Screw Cap 2D Storage Jacket Tubes Features:

  • Space saving. Thread on the outside of the tube helps maximize the internal volume to the total height of the tube.
  • Excellent seal performance. No silicone seal is used, the cap cannot be over tightened. The cap and tube are manufactured from the same homopolymer to prevent differational expansion during freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Ideal for cold storage. FluidX tubes can be flash frozen and stored at temperatures as low as -196°C. FluidX Cryo tubes can be stored within the gas phase of liquid nitrogen.
  • Superior barcode quality. 2D barcode directly latched on the tube. FluidX tubes adhere fully to the ECC200 standard with black on white 2D datamatrix code and improved quiet zone.
  • Tri labelled. 2D datamatrix code, linear barcode and human readable ID on the side.

2D Barcoded Cryo Tubes

Cryo Tube FamilyEasyTrack 2D coded CryoTubes 2ml and 4ml EasyTrack round-bottom CryoTubes are ideal for use in a wide variety of storage environments and applications, including cryogenic storage of samples in vapour phase liquid nitrogen.

Cryo Tubes Features:

  • Temperature resistant - Manufactured from high quality polypropylene, EasyTrack CryoTubes can be stored at temperatures as low as -196°C.
  • A unique 2D Datamatrix code is permanently lasered to the base of each tube. Combine with any of FluidX's range of single and whole rack 2D code readers to provide a quick and secure sample tracking system that can be easily integrated.
  • Space saving and easy to use - With a star-foot base so the tubes will stand unaided and fit snugly inside the 48-position rack, EasyTrack CryoTubes can be opened and closed with only one hand. The SBS-format rack is stackable to save precious freezer space and can be re-used.
  • Automation-friendly - Compatible with the Xsd-96 and Xsd-8 tube decapper/recappers. These systems automatically remove and recap screw caps from 48-format racked tubes.
  • Quality control - Each 2D coded tube is tested to ensure readability and uniqueness. Every lot is tested for leakage to ensure sample safety. Externally threaded screwtop tubes greatly reduce the risk of sample contamination. As with all fluidX tubes, these CryoTubes are free of DNase, RNase, DNA and endotoxins. Sterilisation is achieved by irradiation conducted in accordance with EN552, ISO11137 and ANSI/AAMI/ST31/ST32 standards.

Automation Friendly SBS RacksAutomation Friendly SBS Racks

The FluidX SBS racks are specifically designed for use in automated systems. - Non-locking tube for automation compatibility.

Automation Friendly SBS Racks Features:

  • 1D rack ID direct laser etched.
  • Unique 2D barcode on rack base enables additional tracking and identification of rack as -196°C.
  • Locking lid with 3 height options.
  • Twist lock feature for use with FluidX decappers.

Automation Friendly SBS Racks10x10 Racks

FluidX 10x10 Cryo Rack is designed for FluidX 2ml Jacket Tubes and storage down to -196°C.

10x10 Cryo Rack Features:

  • Ideal for cryogenic sample storage in gas phase liquid nitrogen.
  • Optimised for sample storage tracking and identification.
  • Open bottom for whole rack reading of tube 2D barcodes.
  • Unique 2D barcode on rack base enables additional tracking and identification of rack as -196°C.
  • Tube and rack 2D barcodes can be read simultaneously using FluidX Rack Cryo Reader.

CoolBox XTCoolBox XT

Benchtop cooling workstations that provide sample cooling or freezing without ice, electricity or batteries!

  • Can hold microfuge tubes, cryogenic vials, PCR tubes and plates, assay plates and more.
  • The XT Cooling Core can maintain sample temperature from 0.5 to 4°C for over 16 hours;
  • The XT Freezing Core can maintain frozen samples for up to 10 hours; using dry ice in the base provides ultra-cold temperature (-78°C) for snap-freezing samples in tubes or plates.
  • CoolBox systems may also be used with dry ice to create a compact, portable, snap-freezing workstation for bacteria, virus and proteins.

CoolCell LXCoolCell LX

Alcohol-Free Cell Freezing Container

  • High post-thaw viability and proliferation
  • Highly reproducible freeze runs
  • -1˚C/minute freeze rate in -80oC freezer
  • Numbered vial holes for identification
  • Bevelled design for quick tube retrieval
  • No alcohol. No on-going cost. No maintenance.
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