Hard Water Scale Removal

Fluid Dynamics International Ltd

Fluid Dynamics is the UK’s oldest manufacturer of non-chemical environment friendly products designed to prevent the problems of scaling and hard deposits caused by limescale and calcium carbonate in hard water.

This is achieved by utilising totally green technology with no chemicals or additives and with the products being totally recyclable at the end of their useful lives.  Established in 1973, Fluid Dynamics catalytic and magnetic in-line water treatment units are exported all over the world. Clients include: Ford, Mars, Kellogg’s, Unilever, RAF, Cambridge University, Coca-Cola, McDonalds and over 100,000 other customers.more

The Company’s products have a mild water softening effect but more importantly affect the chemicals that cause scaling by neutralising them so that they stay in the water but cause no harm. The Company’s products also save energy by eliminating insulating layers of scale from heating surfaces. All products are supported by performance guarantees.

Industrial Lime Scale Prevention

Colloid-A-Tron... catalytically preventing scaling caused by hard water in industry

The Colloid-A-Tron hard water lime scale prevention system was developed in 1972 and utilises the principal of mixing different metals together to generate a small electrical charge.  As water passes over the Colloid- A- Tron unit, which is installed in line close to the equipment being protected, limescale is neutralised so that it doesn’t form a hard scale...

The Colloid-A-Tron prevents heat exchanger scaling, condenser scaling, vacuum pump scaling, compressor scaling and cooling tower scaling. Prevents scaling even in whole towns in Ireland, Argentina and Brazil.  Colloid-A-Tron also prevents scaling in irrigation nozzles. Money back and material guarantees are offered . The largest catalytic scale prevention unit in the world  installed in 2006, shown in the picture, treats 1,700m3/hr (1/2million gallons per hour)

Hard Water Scale Removal: Humidifier, Boiler Scaling

Scaletron catalytically preventing scaling caused by hard water in commercial installations

Humidifier scaling, hot water boiler scaling, pipework blocking, urinal scaling.

These are just some of the problems caused by the hard water in institutional building and office blocks. Fluid Dynamics Scaletron has been chosen to protect the largest office block in England the Empress State Building, and the hot water boilers of Girton College Cambridge, more than 4,000 Scaletrons  have been installed in Argentina and 11,000 in Ireland  in various applications.

Again the principle is simple if a building is in a hard water area then scaling is likely to take place. So to prevent it then a Scaletron can be installed for hard water scale removal. In the UK Part L of Building regulations now require that with water hardness levels above 200mg/l a scale prevention device must be fitted to all new and refurbished hot water boilers.

Scaletron is regularly specified by consulting engineers as their preferred form of anti-scaling protection

Catalytic Scale Prevention System: Faucet, Shower Head Scaling

Housetron catalytically preventing scaling in houses, flats, condominiums

Scaling caused by limescale in the home can be a real problem and nuisance.

The Housetron catalytic scale prevention system not only saves energy, but also prevents scaling round taps and faucets, in shower heads and on baths.  Less washing powder usage and better lather have also been reported. The Housetron is installed on the inlet to the home to be protected. Baths and sanitary ware are easier to clean as well

Magnetic Water Treatment in Industrial Systems

Magstream magnetically preventing scaling caused by hard water in industrial systems

The HDL Magstream is the UK’s oldest magnetic water treatment system preventing the limescale effects of hard water. Installed in the circuit to be protected Magstream prevents compressor scaling, cooling tower scaling and evaporative condenser scaling, scaling in injection moulding machines, scaling on cooling systems and heating systems.

A powerful array of magnets causes an electrical current to be created as water passes through the unit and this has the effect of neutralising calcium carbonate crystal formation. So the hard water scaling salts just pass harmlessly through the system without attaching to the sides of pipework or equipment. Customers include Breweries, plastics companies, car companies and applications are anywhere where hard water is likely to be heated or cooled.

Magstream units have also been used to reduce phosphate scaling in paint plants and reduce barium sulphate scaling.

Green Water Treatment Technology

Clearscale. Magnetically preventing scaling in private houses, flats and small commercial premises

Hard water scaling is a problem worldwide and the HDL Clearscale unit has been designed to reduce the effects of limescale in heating and cooling systems., Customers such as Sainsbury, London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Burger King are just a few of the many organisations that have benefited from installing a Clearscale to deal with the problems associated with hard water.  Clearscale is installed at the point of entry into a small building or before the equipment to be protected. It is totally green water treatment technology.less


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