Suppliers of Thermal Imaging Infrared Cameras

FLIR Commercial Vision Systems

Founded in 1978, FLIR Commercial Vision Systems is now one of the world leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of thermal imaging products.

Their devices are used in a variety of industrial and commercial markets where the main requirements are to see at night and in difficult conditions, or to detect and measure minute temperature differences. FLIR products have a wide variety of applications, encompassing a number of different sectors. These include commercial and infrastructure security, transportation safety and night vision, as well as recreational boating, firefighting, and personal night vision.more

Devices also boast thermography applications such as predictive and preventative machinery maintenance, research and development, industrial test and measurement, gas and fluid leak detection and scientific analysis.

For the security industry, FLIR thermal imaging cameras are leaders for the following:

  • Commercial Security Applications
  • Border Security and Coastal Surveillance
  • Law Enforcement and Other Emergency Service Applications

Commercial Security Applications

New or existing security networks can be complemented and completed by the addition of thermal cameras, as they provide the power to see threats that are invisible to the naked eye by turning night into day. Thermal security cameras use the heat energy that is around us all the time, rather than from reflected visible light, giving a true 24/7 imaging capability without the need for lights or illuminators. Atmospheric obscurants are penetrated by thermal energy better and farther than with visible light, so the user can see potential threats through difficult conditions such as haze, smoke, dust and light fog. Day and night, through good weather and bad, close up and far away, FLIR thermal security cameras do it all.

Border Security and Coastal Surveillance

FLIR thermal imaging cameras have the ability to detect human-sized targets several kilometers away, and thus are extremely suited for border surveillance and protection. Some FLIR products can detect human-sized targets at distances of up to 20 km. But it is not just land borders need protection. Thermal imaging cameras quality long distance detection also makes them the perfect tools for coastal surveillance as even small vessels can be detected at extremely long range. FLIR Systems has extensive experience with Homeland Security projects and offers a full range of thermal imaging cameras for this application. To help their cameras integrate with existing networks and join other third party sensors, FLIR launched the FLIR Networked Systems for multi-sensor applications.

Law Enforcement and Other Emergency Service Applications

FLIR Commercial Vision Systems BHS-Series Thermal Imaging Camera

Unlike other technologies, thermal imaging cameras need no light whatsoever to produce a crisp image - even on the darkest night -- making them the perfect devices for security and law enforcement. With thermal contrast being extremely difficult to mask, someone trying to hide in shadows or bushes or trying to camouflage themselves is clearly visible on a thermal image.

Law enforcement situations require officers to respond at a moment's notice. FLIR's hand-held thermal camera systems give officers the tactical advantage they need to respond effectively and safely, whenever they're called. As a powerful tool in the fight against crime, FLIR thermal imaging cameras are used by police, customs agents and private security companies around the world. Users are given the power to secure an area, allowing them to see suspects, without revealing their own location.less


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