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Since 1991 Flexo Wash has been producing cleaning equipment for the graphic industry. It started with a small parts washer, but since then Flexo Wash has grown and our range of products has increased so we now produce equipment for cleaning of anilox rolls, sleeves, plates, ink trays, doctor blades, gravure cylinders etc. of all sizes.

Our products are sold world wide through our subsidiaries in USA, UK, Asia, France and Latin America. The rest of the world is served either through our head office in Denmark or through our worldwide net of agents.more

Anilox and Gravure Cleaning

The Flexo Wash Anilox and Gravure Cleaning units can be used for both daily washing and deep cleaning of anilox rolls, sleeves and rotogravure cylinders. The fully automatic units offer a gentle, quick and efficient cleaning.

In the Anilox and Gravure Cleaning units it is possible to clean all ink types. Within only 10-15 minutes the rolls, cylinders etc. will be cleaned, rinsed, dried leaving them 100% clean and ready for immediate use.

The machines work with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids, which is specially made for deep cleaning of rolls and cylinders. Since the liquid is recirculated the consumption of liquid is minimal.

Cleaning of Press Parts

When press parts such as ink trays, doctor blade chambers, ink sumps, pans etc. need to be cleaned, Flexo Wash offers a large variety of equipment that can be made according to every customers needs. The custom built option means that the units can be made to clean the specific press parts of each customer.

The Flexo Wash parts washers are made to clean with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids or flammable solvents. The parts washers are also made in an ATEX version. Furthermore, Flexo Wash offers a variety of auxiliary equipment such as distiller, ventilation, piping etc.

Cleaning of Sleeves

In the automatic Sleeve Washers it is possible to clean from 1 to 6 sleeves simultaneously. The Sleeves are cleaned by means of cleaning liquid, soft brushes, rinse with water and air blow. The whole process only takes 5-10 minutes. It is possible to clean laser-engraved sleeves, rubber sleeves, plates still mounted on sleeves etc.

Cleaning of Rotary Screen Cylinders

Flexo Wash offers two different models for cleaning of rotary screens cylinders from machines using UV-drying inks. One unit is for cleaning of one screen and another unit is for cleaning of 2-4 screens depending on the sizes of the screens.

In both units the screens are placed on holders that rotate during wash. Several jets spray liquid on the screen from both the inside as well as the outside. This is to insure a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning of Plates

Cleaning of plates can either be done while the plates are still mounted on the sleeve (see Cleaning of Sleeves) or the plates can be cleaned when removed from the sleeve. Here Flexo Wash offers two different units; one for the wide web and one for the narrow web. For the wide web the plates are mounted on a stainless steel plate by means of special holders and the plates are cleaned in an up-right position. For the narrow web industry Flexo Wash offers a machine where the plates are placed between two grids and pushed into the machine. In both cases the plates are cleaned by means of liquid sprayed on the plates, rinse with water and at the end the plates are blown of by means of air steam.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Liquids

The Flexo Wash units are made to run with environmentally friendly cleaning liquids. The liquids are provided by Flexo Wash and are specially developed to our machines.less


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