FlexLink awarded orders from a leading Russian computer manufacturer.

FlexLink AB

Kraftway Corporation has placed orders with FlexLink for automated assembly test and packaging lines for its production of high-quality computers in Obninsk.

The order value exceeds 20 million SEK and start-up is scheduled for April 2007.

Kraftway is acknowledged as one of the leading IT companies in Russia and has been serving the computer market since 1993. Customers include the largest Russian federal governmental organizations and small and mid sized enterprises through a nationwide network of local partners. The Obninsk facility in the Kaluga region is designed for a production of 1.5 million computers per year.

The orders include a high-capacity production line for personal computers with an automatic test section to complement manual kitting, assembly and packaging sections. The system is based on FlexLink's Dynamic Assembly technology that allows for simultaneous production of several computer models with full traceability and recording of production data.

The order is a result of networking between FlexLink's experts in Sweden, Finland, Poland and China. The order was awarded in competition with Asian low-price alternatives but productivity factors such as high throughput with few operators, consistent quality by automated processes and the multi product manufacturing capacity were decisive for the investment.

"We were impressed by FlexLink's ability to show us reference installations for this advanced technology. It is essential for us to work with reputable suppliers, particularly for our capital investment goods, as we aim to minimize risk and to secure the planned time to market for our products," says Alexey Kravtsov, President of Kraftway Corporation, Moscow.

"This order confirms that our technology provides increased productivity to manufacturers of high-quality products in a competitive market. The installation will represent a significant reference for us in the growing Russian market," says Mattias Perjos, CEO, FlexLink Group.

FlexLink is a leading global supplier of automation solutions to assembly and manufacturing industries. Based in Göteborg, Sweden, FlexLink employs 600 people and operates 24 international companies with representatives in 60 countries. In 2005, Group turnover was MSEK 1,154.

Göteborg, November 21, 2006

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