Belt fastening technology for airport baggage conveying systems


Airports use conveyor belts in a variety of ways to sort baggage and transport it to the final destination. In order to ensure baggage arrives with the passenger, it is important that the conveyor system is running optimally. Flexco, the world leader in belt fastening technology, offers a variety of belt fasteners to meet the demanding needs of the airport industry. Careful selection, installation, and preventative maintenance can significantly reduce belt splice costs and downtime. To keep systems running smoothly, Flexco offers easy-to-install mechanical belt fastening systems, as well as endless splicing solutions. And the Flexco team of field representatives and global distributors are always at your service. They can help you evaluate your system’s performance, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement complete solutions. It’s all part of our commitment to being your most valued partner on the job.more

Flexco Products

  • Clipper® and Anker® Wire Hooks
  • Alligator® Staple
  • Alligator® Spiral Lace
  • Novitool® Aero® Press

What Does Flexco Offer?

Flexco provides both mechanical and endless splicing solutions to the airport industry. Our mechanical belt fastener systems are well-known, with several options available for the different needs of airport maintenance technicians.

Clipper® and Anker® Wire Hooks are typically used for check-in conveyors and transport baggage systems because of the low-profile, yet strong, splices that produce minimal wear on both the conveyor components and items being conveyed. 

Alligator® Staple Fasteners are most often utilized in transport baggage systems and mobile loading conveyors. They are the desired fastener system for demanding applications requiring a high-strength, abrasion-resistant splice. The pre-staked Ready Set™ Staples, along with the simple installation method, allow users to install the splices with little training and effort.

The Alligator® Spiral Lace System is the perfect solution for security x-ray scanning belts because the non-metallic splice will not interfere with scanning procedures. The low-profile, non-marking splice produced by this system will not cause abrasion to luggage and other conveyed items.

The latest technology from Flexco involves endless splicing and features the Novitool® Aero® Press. With the Aero Press, Flexco combines everything you need to make the perfect splice with no more hoses, couplings, air pump, control box, or water tank. Everything is integrated into one unit, which produces a splice in 7-12 minutes. Endless splicing with the Aero Press is ideal for check-in conveyors, transport baggage systems, and security x-ray scanning belts.  less


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  • Todd Stewart

    Light-Duty Market Development Manager Contact Expert

    Todd specializes in working with key customers and subsidiary locations around the globe, and has focused much of his efforts on developing and instructing training classes on a wide range of Flexco light-duty products.

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