The ideal fire shutter for baggage handling systems


Airports deal with great numbers of passengers and luggage every day.  In these environments safety is key. Firelock® is the ideal fire shutter for baggage handling systems. It is used to create a fire compartment. Protecting people, limit damage to buildings and property and thus avoid an interruption in business activity.


How Does it Work?

The fire shutter is integrated in the baggage handling system. In case off a fire alarm signal the Firelock® B120E seals of the opening of the conveyor belt.more


A.    The Fire Alarm Signal (FAS ) sends a direct signal to the Smart Control II control box. When the control box receives the FAS the closing of the fire shutter is delayed with a preset time. During this delay the conveyor underneath the fire shutter can empty. After the preset time has passed the fire shutter will close automatically.


B.     If a suitcase is underneath the fire shutter during the closing motion this will activate the bumper switch. The drive belt in front of the fire shutter is activated via the control unit to empty the conveyor once more.


C.     I f this does not solve the problem and the suitcase remains underneath the fire shutter, the fire shutter will close partially, landing on the suitcase.


The closing motion of the fire shutter is always a gravity motion. This gravity motion is enabled by an electromagnetic clutch inside the motor which is released. In case of power failure the shutter will not close immediately because the battery pack inside the control box will hold the electromagnetic clutch. After a preset time the electromagnetic clutch is released so the fire shutter will close as a precaution. This makes the system insensitive to short power failures, ensuring continuity in the baggage handling at all times.


Plug-and-Play Installation

The Firelock® fire shutter contains a custom-made interface suitable for all signals. The customised interface makes a plug-and-play installation of the control box possible. A key switch is situated on the control box to switch between remote and manual operation.


Worldwide Application

The Firelock® B120E fire shutter can be used on airport baggage handling systems worldwide as it holds several certificates amongst others EN, 1634-1, UL 10B and BS476 part 22.


The fire shutter was tested on 2 criteria. The criteria are:

E = Flame containment in order to maintain structural integrity

W = Heat radiation limitation



A great deal of international airports have already choosen to integrate Firelock® fire shutters in their baggage handling systems. Together with Vanderlande and Siemens Firelock® completed conveying systems on for example:

Cairo International Airport Egypt

  • 25 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated



Riyadh International Airport KSA

  • 22 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated
  • UL10B-certificate
  • 60Hz motor and control unit


Sydney International Airport Australia

  • 5 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated
  • UL10B-certificate

Sao Paolo International Airport Brasil

  • 14 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated
  • 60Hz motor and control unit

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport Kenya

  • 4 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated

Bangalore International Airport India

  • 11 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated

Minsk International Airport Belarus

  • 14 Steel Fire shutters / 120 minutes fire rated
  • Conveyor closure for seal underneath the conveyor
  • Certificate according to Belarus standard




Purveyor to the Royal Household

Firelock® is a brand of Hoefnagels Branddeuren BV. A Dutch based manufacturer of fire shutters and fire and smoke curtains. A team of 65 skilled workers design, produce, install and maintain the products. Hoefnagels is a family owned company with a history that goes back 130 years. In 2009 the designation 'purveyor to the royal household' was granted, which reflects the quality, solidity and continuity of the company.less


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