Runway Friction Measurement and Environmental Monitoring Systems

Findlay Irvine

Findlay Irvine is a UK company providing innovative electro-mechanical and software products primarily for the Transport Industries.

From its incorporation in 1960, Findlay Irvine Ltd. has enjoyed a reputation for developing innovative products and for working with clients to provide cost effective practical solutions.

From GripTester to, Findlay Irvine offers a range of systems to keep networks moving and reduce the risk of accidents. With the market leading continuous friction measuring devices, GripTester and micro GripTester, Findlay Irvine can help reduce accidents and help asset managers make reducing budgets go further. While still manufacturing be-spoke, cost efficient systems to suit the needs of your network. more

GripTester - The Surface Friction Tester

Findlay Irvine’s GripTester Mk2 is the world’s leading Continuous-Friction Measuring device, used in over 300 airports daily, around the globe from Alaska to Brazil to China. The GripTester Mk2 conforms to all major International standards including ICAO, FAA and UK CAA. The simplicity of the system and robustness of the trailer based friction measuring device providing repeatable, accurate results makes it a must have tool for airport maintenance professionals.

Findlay Irvine have been producing GripTester for nearly 20 years and now the Edinburgh based company have launched two new innovative products to help Airport Professionals monitor friction, quickly and easily.  

The Runway Alignment System (RAS) is a GPS based system that is compatible with the current GripTester Mk2. The RAS uses a dash mounted display to guide the GripTester operators through their friction survey ensuring surveys are more accurate and simpler to conduct.

Due to the success of GripTester, Findlay Irvine developed micro GripTester, a push version of the full GripTester Mk2. Operating using the same measuring principles as the full GripTester, the micro GripTester is designed to test surface friction in areas that the full GripTester cannot go such as pedestrian walkways, bridges, indoors, markings and car parking areas in and around airport terminals and landside access roads. The micro GripTester can help airport operators defend themselves against litigation surrounding slips, trips and falls by regularly testing the surface friction in areas open to the public such as terminals.

Helideck Micro GripTester

The Helideck micro GripTester, from Findlay Irvine, has been designed for measuring friction on Helicopter landing areas. This unique friction measuring device guides operators simply through the process indicating friction levels in an easy to read reporting format. Fully compliant with CAP 473, it can be used to survey landing areas of any materials giving airport operator’s detailed surface information for maintenance and monitoring purposes, including friction values of markings as well as off and on shore Helidecks. The unique, stripped down design allows the Helideck micro GripTester to be easily collapsed into two lightweight hand luggage carriers for easy transportation via all types of aircraft.

Helideck micro GripTester easily guides operators through the friction survey process and the easy to use view software outputs the data in a visual friction map illustration of the helideck. It is robust, easy to use and gives helideck operators vital information on the friction levels available not only for regulator purposes but also maintenance.

Airport Weather Information Systems (AWIS)

Findlay Irvine's Airport Weather Information System (AWIS) evaluates key information such as:

  • Surface Temperature
  • Chemical Present
  • Freeze Point

The AWIS collects this data from a widespread range of sensors and communicates this to ICELERT, the company's Cloud-based Management System to record and display or via a Closed Internal System.

With extreme and ever changing weather patterns becoming more frequent, air traffic is increasingly subjected to disruption and delay, Findlay Irvine's weather management products help reduce these disruptions, allowing air traffic to operate safely during extreme weather.less


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