Airport Retro Reflective Markers

Our Retro Reflective Markers Are Ideal For Installations On Airport Taxiways, Runway And Traffic Areas Edges. 

Those retro reflective markers delineate airport areas lacking electric supply lines. They are available in different dimensions and with colors compliant with the ICAO recommendations. Bleu, yellow, red, white & green.Mounting can be done directly into ground or pavement or with optional PVC support for soft soils or improved installation.


  • Highly Resistant to UV Radiation
Corrosion Proof Very High Intensity Reflective Power Excellent Resistance to Jet Blasts Frangibility on Impact Maintenance Free Removable retro reflective Sleevese Simple Installation



  • Visibility 360° horizontal by day and night owing to its cylindrical shape
  • Retroreflective height: from 150mm to 375mm
  • Retroreflective surface for 250mm height = 200 (ICAO recommends minimum 150



Total height: 560 mm Visible useful height: 375 mm Visible diameter: 79 mm



ICAO: Annexe 14, Volume I, 3rd Edition, para. 5.5.5 and figure 1.3, Appendice 1 FAA: AC L-853, type 2



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