Photometric Airfield Calibration with the PAC System

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PAC System

FB Technology are specialists in airfield lighting technology and maintenance. Their fifteen years of experience within the industry has allowed them to design a range of innovative products for the maintenance of lighting equipment.

The PAC System is a photometric airfield calibration device which was developed through years of research and testing. The device provides a solution for airports which is easy to use, produces quick results and is extremely cost effective.

PAC System

Designed to analyse and determine the intensity and the beam orientation of a light beam, the PAC System is able to identify whether an airfield light fitting is inline with the ICAO standards as well as helping with maintenance operations.

This is achieved by evaluating the beam from inset & elevated lights and producing a report on its candela values (which is, simply put, the measurement of brightness) as well as the precise positioning of the minimum and maximum points in the high resolution iso-candela diagram of the light fitting. The report then advises on the brightness of each light and any defects/action to be taken. As a mobile system, the device is able to carry this out at speeds of up to 60 km/h around an airfield or taxiway.

Photometric Airfield CalibrationLight Intensity Measurement

How It Works
The PAC System is made up of a measurement strip, electronic processing interface box, distance measuring device and PAC PC software. This is all supplied on a turn-key basis to the customer in carry cases with system & operation manuals as well as the promise of training from FB Technology.

Installation can be carried out on the front of any standard vehicle and is provided by FB Technology, though it is possible for the customer to complete this themselves. In the latter case, installation will need to be checked by FB Technology to ensure it is safe and will operate correctly.

Once complete, the vehicle and system can travel around the airport at speeds of up to 60 km km/h carrying out photometric airfield calibration while producing realtime measurements. The luminous intensity is detected and fed into the systems data processing program which produces a value for each light based on thousands of light samples per light.

The result is data on the average intensity of main beam in candelas, points of maximum & minimum intensity, identification of colour and information on the angles settings of the beam (site & azimuth) . The system can be used on any light source which shines on its surface with an illumination of more than 20 lux.

Benefits of Photometric Airfield Calibration

Photometric airfield calibration with the PAC System significantly improves the maintenance of lighting systems on airfields and taxiways. A main focus for airports when considering the maintenance of lighting systems is how fast it can be carried out to a high enough standard.

The FB Technology device enables easy operations planning and stock management by providing fast and accurate information on the condition of each light. In the case of a light which is showing low intensity but is not deficient (i.e. not yet under the 50% ICAO standard level), it is possible to optimise the maintenance procedure - saving time and money.

It is also possible to use the system to monitor lamp ageing from previous runs and access performance. This helps to plan for replacements and maintenance programmes.

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