FB Technology's Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment: DICE

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Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

FB Technology created DICE, their dry ice cleaning equipment solution, in response to the understanding that airfield lighting equipment needs to be available almost 24/7 to help keep regular operations running and airports secure.

Constant use of runways and taxiways, along with varying weather conditions, can seriously degrade the quality of airfield lighting and, as a result, the category of the airport leading to closures during low visibility. The DICE system tackles these issues by providing a rapid intervention solution capable of cleaning installations quickly and effectively.

Aiport Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment

Quite simply, the dry ice cleaning equipment from FB Technology is a safe alternative to maintaining the quality of inset and elevated lights, up to a height reachable by the operator, under all weather conditions.

The system uses cryogenic technology, based on carbon dioxide gas transformed into ice pellets. These pellets are projected onto the airfield lights, under enough pressure to remove dirt but not enough to cause any damage to the unit itself.

Operation of the system is extremely simple helping to ensure a fast procedure with the user needing only to aim the flexible arm, fitted with a pressure compressed-air injector, at the desired target and presses the push button installed on the gun. The ice pellet and air mix will then blast the airfield light and remove dirt including; aircraft tyre rubber, calcium deposits, salt and paint spray & splashing.

The cryogenic technology used in the DICE system causes no damage to the lighting unit and leaves no pollution in the environment to effect the fauna in surrounding areas. The technique also ensures no residue is left on the runways or taxiway making it safe for use between aircraft movements.

DICE from FB TechnologyAirfield Lighting Maintenance

DICE Specifications

The DICE maintenance solutions' simple design is important in helping to reduce the risk of breakdowns as well as guaranteeing low operation and maintenance costs.

Two installation options are available for the system, it can either be integrated inside a traditional airport maintenance vehicle capable of pulling a 7bar/4000litre compressor or fitted onto a custom designed trailer which secures the compressor, dry-ice container and machine.

A number of features have been included within the mobile unit to make it compliant for operation on any airport site. These include a fixed VHF radio link in the vehicle with portable back-up as well as a flashing beacon light and regulatory signals fitted to the vehicle.

By choosing FB Technology's dry ice cleaning equipment, airports are provided with a safe cleaning solution which causes no damage to the airfield lighting or environment, can be operated extremely quickly - requiring only a few seconds per light and has been confirmed as a ecological tool operating within the parameters of current Standards by the French Environmental Agency, ADEME.

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