Construction Animation, CGI, Building Information Modeling

Fat Sumo

Founded in 2009, Fat Sumo provide construction animation, Computer Generated Images and Building Information Modeling services to the construction industry.

These services allow building projects of any size to become visualised and assessed long before construction begins.

Based in Hong Kong, Fat Sumo is run by an experienced and dedicated team of industry specialists who's vigour for great architecture and aspiration to provide a unique experience for customers helps develop new ideas for every project undertaken.more

Fat Sumo have partnered with UK based charity, Shelter box, donating 5% of annual proceeds to assist with sheltered accomodation and international disaster relief. 

Building Information Modeling

Fat Sumo's Building Information Modeling services, otherwise known as BIM, intelligently create 3D models of proposed or conceptual building projects. The technology virtually maps how a proposed construction will look by 'building' it as closely to the real thing as possible.

The lifecycle of a building project can be displayed using Building Information Modeling, from the first conceptual design up to final completion. The client is, therefore, able to see the completed facility and how it will operate following completion.

With Building Information Modeling it is possible to apply additional models, such as a structural engineer consultant or collision checking, to examine the construction for any possible problems which can then be solved. This, along with an environmental assessment which can calculate the ideal solar cell position or the amount of insulation to use, will save clients both time and money. The data can be exported to any file type for use.

Computer Generated Images

Fat Sumo provide Computer Generated Images for any proposed or conceptual building, complex or facility. Computer Generated Image services available include:

  • Customisable 3D models in a range of software types
  • Single building, complex or city aerial views
  • High rises such as land marks or public venues
  • One story or less single buildings
  • Building Interiors -¬†Interiors of any building desired from retail to airports

Construction Animation

Construction animation from Fat Sumo offers a striking platform on which to demonstrate a building, complex or site. The animations are designed to make a real impact and are available in three categories.

The 'I Wanted It Yesterday' category is a quick turnaround construction animation designed for clients that need a last minute scheme which will really impress. These projects are not highly detailed but are designed with moving objects such as people or cars.

The second category is 'Wow Look At That'. These animations are hugely detailed, using both CGI and film effects, including actors or rain. This category is for those clients who need something special to really impress.

Finally, the 'Walkthrough' category offers simple construction animations for a clear portrayal of the desired site. These animations do not have any effects, music or movement.

Fat Sumo was founded in 2009 and specialises in both Building Information Modeling and Computer Generated Images to aid in the construction of any project from Airport buildings to hotel complexes.

The Hong Kong based company boasts a team of dedicated and experienced individuals who share a passion for architecture and the desire to offer a truly original service to customers by developing new ideas to suit every requirement.

Fat Sumo are also committed to supporting charitable causes and have partnered with UK based Shelter Box, who provide international disaster relief, to donate 5% of annual proceeds.



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