Service to Disabled Travellers in Copenhagen Airport is a Success

Falck Denmark A/S

On July 26, it has been two years since Falck and Copenhagen Airport agreed on a deal on service for the disabled.

In 2008, Falck made a deal with Copenhagen Airport on servicing the approximately 100,000 disabled passengers who travel through the airport every year. This deal was made because of a new regulatory requirement intended to provide all EU’s citizens with equal opportunities for travelling.

Services for Disabled Passengers

”This law has created more equal standards and procedures regarding the treatment of people with disabilities. At the same time the level of quality has become more equal and this has resulted in more safety and flexibility for travellers with disabilities,” says the President of Disabled Peoples Organisations Denmark, Stig Langvad.

Up until July 26 2008, the airline companies themselves were responsible for providing assistance to people with disabilities but the new law changed that. Now the service has to be the same everywhere in all airports inside the EU.

“We are proud that Falck is providing this service which resembles the sort of help we provide to our subscribers when they need help to get to a doctor or the hospital”, says Ole Qvist, Senior Vice President of Falck.

Falck offers their assistance all the way through the airport – starting from the Metro, the train or parking spaces at the airport up until the traveller is sitting in his seat or the other way around.

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