A Major Shake-up in Sterilisation Technology

F. Jahn & Company Ltd

After several years of development, the SHAKA™ technology is introduced to the market.

STERIFLOW SAS recently signed a manufacturing licence agreement with Zinetec, the inventor of this revolutionary system and will have the first laboratory-scale SHAKA™ retort ready by March 2006.

During processing time, the containers in the retort are vigorously shaken at a frequency of 100 to 200 cycles per minute. The agitation of the product is achieved through a horizontal movement of the baskets. This product agitation allows a rapid acceleration of heat penetration. Cycle times are reduced by a factor of 5 to10 compared to standard retorts.

The reduced process time has a highly positive impact on the quality of the product (colour, taste, vitamin preservation...) compared to that usually obtained with static or rotary autoclaves. The SHAKA™ retort can be used with all types of containers available from rigid cans, glass jars and trays to flexible packaging such as pouches. Products such as sauces, soups, babyfood, vegetables or petfood have been positively tested.

In addition, the sharp decrease in cycle times greatly improves the utilisation of the sterilization equipment. From 4 to 5 cycles per hour can be carried out in the SHAKA™ retort.

The development work was made with a prototype based at the CCFRA in Chipping Camden, UK, which was tested by major worldwide packaged food producers.

For the first stage, STERIFLOW SAS is proposing lab-scale SHAKA™ retorts. An industrial-scale SHAKA™ retort will be introduced in the middle of 2006.

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