Bulletproof Scan Booth


Extraspace's bulletproof scan booth kiosk with x-ray scanner can be rapidly deployed in a range of settings at banks, embassies, airfields and events. The bulletproof kiosk can be set up wherever it is needed and used for screening suspect packages and people for potential threats, whilst protecting security personnel.

Bulletproof Scan Booth Floor Plan

Bulletproof Scan Booth with X-Ray Scanner

The bulletproof scan booth with x-ray scanner is placed outside of a building that is need of urgent and or temporary personnel and bag screening and simply connected to an electrical supply to make it immediately operational. The supply could be either from a mains or generator supply which means that the unit could also be used in an open air environment such as political rallies or other outdoor events.

Bulletproof KioskBulletproof Kiosk with Scaner Unit

Naturally the external and internal walls are bullet proof – NIJ III, NIJ IV or Kibo IV+ (.50 cal FMJ) as required and the booth is complete with all scanning and control/monitoring equipment and is air-conditioned.

Scanner Unit KioskExtraspace Secure Kiosk
Download the floor plan and side views here to explore the bulletproof scan booth with x-ray scanner in more detail.
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