Bulletproof Sentry Boxes, Flatpack Camps and Buildings


Extraspace deliver bulletproof sentry boxes and safe havens, flatpack camps and buildings. The company can supply flat-packed modular buildings and offices of all sizes for the military, humanitarian, security and civilian markets.

Extraspace products are installed in projects around the world, with applications including:

  • Offices
  • Bulletproof Safe Havens
  • Transit Camps
  • Armastore Secure Storage Unitsmore
Secure Accommodation Units Ballistic Sentry Boxes

Ballistic Sentry Boxes and Guardhouses

Modular ballistic sentry boxes and guardhouses are available in a choice of configurations ranging in dimensions from small square sentry boxes of 1.5 meters a side to larger guardhouses of 2 meters in width by 4 meters in length. They provide ballistic resistance exceeding the requirements of NATO B7, NIJ level IV and EN 1063.

The air-conditioned units feature spall protected windows, which may be supplied in clear, tinted or mirrored finish. All units are supplied with a range of internal accessories including internal lighting, power supplies and communications systems along with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, chairs, desktops and 12L beverage fridges. Optional extras include roof mounted searchlights, corner lights, motion detectors and CBRNe masks.

All buildings are supplied in flat-pack format with between one and three units to a 20' container. Smaller units may be supplied for airlift or trailer-based transport.

Ballistic Havens

Extraspace can supply ballistic havens consisting of six fully-fitted containerised room modules. These can be rapidly connected to form a 12 meter by 5 meter building with four two-person bedrooms, a Wc/shower and a security officer's room. External walls may optionally be fitted with ballistic-resistant gun ports.

Buildings can be supplied with level III, IV or IV+ ballistic protection and an optional RPG7 resistant mesh fence. All walls, doors, roofs and floors feature 4cm thermo insulating panels. Fixed windows are included, fitted with splinter/ shard-proof glass with tinted or mirrored glass available if required. All materials have been fully tested in NATO accredited laboratories.

Extraspace havens are fully fitted, supplied with lighting, electricity points, internal phones, chairs, desks, fire extinguishers and first aid kits.

Flatpack Buildings and Camp Facilities

Extraspace offer specialist flatpack buildings and camp facilities including 3-storey office blocks, medical and laundry facilities, laboratory buildings, shower blocks, 10-bay canteen / kitchen buildings and accommodation blocks with built-in sanitary units.

Transpak office and sanitary units offer a high-quality ISO compatible solution for expandable accommodation, which has been proven in military scenarios. Units can be connected along ends, sides and up to three units high as the situation demands. All units feature concealed electrical installations and internal plumbing.

Cheaper Expandacom flat-pack units made from man-portable components are ideal for disaster relief applications. Expandacom units can be deployed in restricted areas above ground or below with no special tools other than a socket set. Units can be extended side to side and end to end, or stacked on top of each other using a separately supplied stacking kit.

Each Expandacom unit comes with one door and two window panels, but these can be positioned for a flexible configuration, and additional doors and windows are available as required. Expandacom can be supplied with an electric pack for surface mounted electrical installations.less


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