EXPAL Will Show Its Latest Products and Services at DSEI


EXPAL at DSEI 2017For more than 70 years, EXPAL has offered armies a wide range of solutions to support and improve their operational capabilities. One more edition, the company will show its proposals and solutions for air, land and sea in this international exhibition, which will take place in London between 12th-15th, September.

As part of the offer for the Army, EXPAL will show its complete solutions in ammunition for indirect fire support operations from 60mm to 155mm, with its 105mm and 155mm Extended Range family ammunition.

Besides, the company designs and manufactures EIMOS, the 81mm mortar system integrated into a high mobility lightweight 4x4 vehicle, that can be visited at the stand. This system is part of the “One-Stop Shop” solution that EXPAL showed at the international demonstration for mortar systems last November. This integrated solution provides a complete offer to meet all mission needs in artillery and infantry operations. This proposal is completed with: mortar systems (60mm, 81mm and 120mm); fire support information system (TECHFIRE), mini-UAV as forward observer (SHEPHERD-MIL) and the tactical training simulator for mortar units (SIMOX).

Sea solutions

EXPAL is leader in large calibre naval artillery. This range of products is in service in over 20 countries. EXPAL’s naval ammunition integrates the latest technologies in electronic & proximity fuzes, propellants and other key components to maximize effectiveness and interoperability for a variety of missions.

EXPAL will show in DSEI a sample of its naval artillery for 5” mountings.

Air solutions

Since 1946, EXPAL provides to more than 20 Air Forces all over the world, a complete range of products and services in maintenance, as well as modernization services of aeronautical systems. EXPAL carries out the integration of all its products in the most important current air platforms in the world.

The latest development in air-to-ground rockets 2.75” CAT-70 family, suitable for both fixed-wing and rotary-wings platforms, as well as its proposal for re-graining of rocket motors, will be EXPAL’s main offer for the air force.

EXPAL manages the entire life cycle of ammunitions and explosives. From design, development, manufacture and maintenance, until its destruction at the end of its life cycle

EXPAL Systems

EXPAL develops, produces and integrates a wide portfolio of products and services for the defence and security sector. Its clients are Ministries of Defence and armed forces from around the globe, international organisms and other leading defence companies. Currently, EXPAL’s products and services are employed by over 60 countries.

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