Demilitarization Projects at AUSA Exhibition

EXPAL Highlights its Solutions for Air, Land and Sea at AUSA Exhibition

EXPAL offers a wide range of Defense solutions to support and improve operational capabilities

EXPAL is one of the main demilitarization partners of the US Army. EXPAL’s team includes many US veterans who bring a vast experience in ammunition and safety to the company.

Thanks to its more than 40 years of experience, know-how and processes based on recovering, recycling and re-using up to 99% removed components, EXPAL carries on worldwide demilitarization projects with armed forces and international institutions such as NATO and EU in its owns facilities or with mobile plants.

Demilitarization Projects

As global expert in ammunition and explosives, EXPAL develops and manufactures initiation systems, demolition stores and EOD equipment based on providing maximum efficiency, simplicity of operation and, above all, safety of use even in challenging environment. These products, developed in cooperation with key NATO countries are in service in more than 40 armed forces.

In addition, the company will highlight its versatile solutions for propulsion. EXPAL has over 100 years of design, testing and manufacturing experience with propellants & High Explosives. Its single, double and triple base powder and other compositions are used on all EXPAL products and other key ammunition suppliers. The company manufactures in-house all key components of ammunition, including latest generation electronic fuzes.

At the AUSA exhibition, visitors will also be able to see a variety of EXPAL’s ammunition solutions for indirect fire support.


EXPAL USA facilities are in Texas and its headquarters in Dallas. Its main activities are demilitarization services, development of new energetics products and load assembly and packing operations for conventional ammunition.

EXPAL Systems

EXPAL develops, produces and integrates a wide portfolio of products and services for the defense and security sector. Its clients are Ministries of Defense and armed forces from around the globe, international organisms and other leading defense companies. Currently, EXPAL’s products and services are employed by over 60 countries.
EXPAL is the defense business unit of MAXAM, also with sites in USA. Since its formation in 1872 by Alfred Nobel, MAXAM has developed into a leading industrial group for civil explosives and initiation systems for the mining, quarry and construction; hunting cartridges and gunpowder for sporting use. 

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