Develop, Manufacture and Integrate System for Defence and Security


EXPAL develop, manufacture, integrate and maintains products and systems for the Defence and Security sectors. The company has developed a wide range of products, which are currently in service in many Armed Forces around the world. The company's products are based on continual improvement and a strong commitment to technology. EXPAL develop products with a clear focus on armies and their needs.

EXPAL has a strong focus on customer orientation and the specific requirements of their clients. This customer orientation, together with the capabilities and experience they have gained in the development and manufacture of ammunition, weapon systems and explosive, allows EXPAL to offer their clients a complete range of solutions.more

The EXPAL product range includes, but is not confined to:

  • Munitions
  • Propellants
  • Weapons Systems
  • Energetics
  • Systems and Technology Applications
  • Demilitarization and EOD Services

EXPAL Munitions

EXPAL have many years experience of developing and producing a wide and complete range of high performance ammunition, which has been designed to meet the real needs of armies and security forces. The in depth knowledge the company have of ammunition and its manufacturing processes enables them to create products which suit the needs of their clients, and constantly improve their existing product areas.

EXPAL munitions range includes:

  • Air armament
  • Fuzes
  • Small arms ammunition
  • Artillery ammunition
  • Medium calibre ammunition
  • Naval ammunition

Weapon Systems from EXPAL

EXPAL has developed weapons systems, which are adapted and suited to the requirements and demands of current military scenarios. EXPAL weapons systems include the following products:

  • GAB underwater grenade
  • C-5 Anti-tank training mine
  • SAZEC Surface control system
  • MILA underwater Limpet Mine
  • Mortar Systems
  • EIMOS integrated mortar systems

EXPAL Mortar Systems

EXPAL are world leaders in the development of mortar systems, platform and ammunition. These products are supplied to many military forces around the world. Their mortar systems provide excellent fire support in many conflicts currently taking place. The systems that EXPAL provide range from 60 to 120mm, and are able to offer users an excellent balance between weight and the manageability of the platform.

EXPAL pride themselves on their flexibility, and are able to adapt products, depending on the particular requirements of the client. For example the Combi Mortar 60mm was adapted into the 60mm Comando Mortar. These changes make the mortar lighter and as a result easier to transport and store.

Energetics from EXPAL

EXPAL are constantly evolving their products, and are always searching for the maximum efficiency, and well as highest levels of safety and ease of use. The company offers a wide range of energetics for use in defence, which include:

  • Initiations Systems
  • Demolitions Stores
  • EOD Systems
  • IM Warheads
  • Propellants
  • Pyrotechnics

EXPAL Demilitarization and EOD Services

Through their experience and the development and manufacture of weapon systems, explosives and ammunition, as well as their customer focus, EXPAL have developed a wide range of services for a number of areas, including platform maintenance as well as EOD and Demilitarisation. These services can be provided to armed forces and civil organisations, as well as companies from the civil sector.


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