Special Effects and Simulation Exercises for Armed Forces

Especial Effects

Especial effects was established back in 1997 by Phil Anderson. Designer and Pyrotechnician, creating special effects for film, stage, television, and outdoor events throughout the United Kingdom. Especial effects Co undertake all types of special effects recreations and simulation effects from wind, rain, snow, chemical, pyrotechnic, Explosive and one off projects with a highly skilled and dedicated special effects crew more

Blood and Bullets

Our specialized small bullet hits and squib hits are the smallest and lightest units currently produced with blood effects either directly wired or remotely controlled via safe and reliable digital encoded firing boxes with little or no impact felt by the actor or stunt person.

  • Explosive simulations created via Professional wireless firing systems for pyrotechnic effects
  • Millisecond firing system for programmable explosions
  • Where millisecond timing between blasts is critical - motion control trigger available.
  • Small & light weight body worn remote firing devices for squibs & blood hits for stunt persons & performers.
  • Round & V-pan mortars for large explosions.
  • Pyrotechnic effects from hi explosives to fireworks undertaken.
  • Sweeney style co2 powered bullet hit guns creating ricochet spark & dust hits.
  • Gas mortars & propane cannons for large scale controlled repeatable explosions.
  • Coloured smokes and flares and noise makers.

Where it is not safe to use small pyrotechnic charges we have a safe Co2 gas blood hit unit that can be operated either via the actor or SFX technician.

Special Effects for Armed Forces Training

Especial Effects Co uses Hi-explosives & pyrotechnics, along with safe compressed air simulated explosions where it maybe dangerous or too confined to use explosives on set. Flame forks, flame-bars, gas fish tails, flame troughs along with outside gas smoke machines and indoor electric smoke machines to create the realism that you will be looking for. SFX Technician & Electronics designer Martin King established member of Especial effects electronic & design dept creates

  • Electronic timers.
  • Specialized electronic control systems.
  • Electronic effects for stage magicians
  • Electronic display effects systems
  • Specialist pyrotechnic control triggers.

Especial Effects co is currently producing top quality effects for clients such as the BBC, ITV, Channels 4&5, Independent film makers, photographers along with West end stage shows. and specialist companies.less


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    Military training and simulation is for practicing operations in a safe environment before...

  • Military Weapons Training

    Military weapons training systems including standard infantry targets, friend-foe target...

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Especial Effects
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