Remote Multimedia and Alarm Monitoring

ESI European Systems Integration

ESI, European Systems Integration develops Multimedia Solutions for remote monitoring and assistance centres. ESI works continuously on expanding its expertise in the areas of software, telecommunications and electronics. ESI’s range of solutions mainly consists of multi-protocols and multi-networks Alarm Receiver Front-end, multi-manufacturers and multi-networks Video System and Alarm Monitoring Software in its GLOBAL INTEGRATION concept.more

For all its ranges, ESI offers a technical concept of functional integration comprising a group of complementary services including advice, services, technical support for users, training, customisation and, of course, after-sales service assuring installation and 24-hour support.

Complete Remote Monitoring Station Equipment Solution: Global Integration

Global Integration is the ESI’s software suite designed to completely equip remote monitoring stations. It includes:

  • F1 : Remote supervision front-ends with built in functions of telephony and listening
  • RC1 : Digital recorder for audio surveillance
  • V1 : Multi-protocols, multi-networks and multi-manufacturers video system
  • D1 : Multi-stations and multi-systems events dispatcher with functions of transcoding and concentrator
  • M1 : Integrated management systems for remote supervision and assistance centres
  • C1 : Mapping and Tracking system using a standard map database engine
  • P1 : Maps and dynamic synaptics display system
  • MG1: Multicom Gateway allows supplying an easier access to SMS (GSM data), Fax, and E-mails.

Alarm Monitoring Software: M1

M1 is the ESI’s Alarm Monitoring Software designed to manage remote monitoring and remote assistance station with an up-to-date technology providing security, up-time, flexibility and user-friendliness. M1 is a multi-modules structure responding to all the customers’ needs. M1 is built to manage most of the industry alarm receiver front-ends.

With its advanced telecommunication management, M1 processes incoming and outgoing telephone calls, tapping, interphony, faxes, e-mails, voice servers and SMS.

Its integrated multimedia features allows audio and video alarm verification, recording of telephone calls and recording of tapping and interphony.

M1 allows: Data Storage, Alarm Monitoring, Schedule Management, Back Office Management and statistics, Backup and recovery functions.

M1 disposes of a measured management capacity:

Security Front-end Receiver: F1

F1 is a single solution, opened to all communication networks and central unit protocols.

Thanks to F1, you get free from:

  • The multiplication of various front-ends.
  • The protocols diversity, thanks to a unique outgoing protocol towards the management system
  • The choice of the Management System thanks to the number of outgoing protocols available

F1 supports GSM / GSM DATA, X25, PSTN, TCP/IP – UDP, ISDN – E1 PRI/BRI and ADSL/GPRS networks and can manage over 100 protocols.

F1 Main features:

  • Link supervision
  • Alarm transfer
  • Remote controls
  • Script management
  • Outgoing calls management
  • Listening and intercommunications management
  • Incoming calls management with call hold
  • Itemised statistics about recorded calls
  • MP3 recording and streaming mode
  • Direct access to the PBX
  • Up to 16 PSTN lines, 4 E1 PRI accesses or 16 E1 BRI accesses

Multi-manufacturers, Multi-networks and Multi-stations Video System: V1

Faced with the problems of prejudicial heterogeneity of video system to remove all doubt, Exploitation difficulties and lack of integration of system on operator workstation, ESI has conceived the first remote monitoring client/server video system independent from manufacturers systems.

Basics concepts:

  • Integration of systems within the technological partnerships framework.
  • Multi-users integration
  • Respect of the partners systems’ performances
  • Independence of the solution from management computing and networks

V1 assets:

  • Able to dispatch the video on each operator workstation
  • Bidirectional communication with the alarms management software
  • Compatibility with multiple video manufacturers
  • Management of several networks
  • Possibility to be simultaneously connected to several video transmitters, through different protocol
  • V1 can manage up to 48 cameras by transmitter
  • Up to 16 display windows on the same screen
  • Audio capacity allowing to listen and call on site
  • The integration of various manufacturers allows to propose now more than 40 protocols
  • Events and movies real-time replication
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