The ESG Solution: Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning

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It guarantees that current geoinformation, data-based as well as via Web services, is provided to every user. This geoinformation serves as the basis for decision- making support in specialist IT applications: it can be combined with other information to provide a joint picture of the situation.

The special advantage of the Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning system is that users can find available geospatial data using a web-based portal application and integrate it into their applications as a Web service or data download. Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning brings a new quality to the use of geoinformation in securityrelevant applications: Geoinformation at the right place, at the right time.

Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning

With Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning, geoinformation is:

  • Provided efficiently
  • At the right place, at the right time
  • Always available

The system

  • Can be adapted to any purpose
  • Provides seamless integration into the ESG solutions GeoBroker and TARANIS Mobile.

Its mobile design makes Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning especially suitable for quick transport and flexible application. It consistently uses open and standardised interfaces to provide optimal integration into a variety of applications and mission scenarios that require geoinformation.

Mobile Geospatial Data ProvisioningMobile Geospatial Data Provisioning

The use of standardised Web services in conjunction with a powerful raster data server also permits highperformance, efficient access to several terabytes of geospatial data, especially for browser-based thin client applications.

  • Centralised geoinformation provisioning
  • Portal-based access to the geoinformation
  • Efficient administration of geodatabases using metadata as per ISO19115/19139
  • Distribution of geoinformation via OGC Web services and databased formats
  • Service-oriented architecture
  • Use of open, standardised interfaces for optimal integration into specialised applications
  • High-performance raster data server
  • Optimally harmonised for use with thin clients GeoBroker, the ESG solution for archiving, managing, researching, representing and distributing all types of geospatialdata and geodocuments,is integrated.
  • Server system in a transport box
  • Two high-performance servers (expandable to three)
  • 2 TB internal memory, scalable Integrated firewall
  • Tablet PC for administration
  • Access via wireless network possible
  • Mobile Geospatial Data Provisioning can be used for Armed Forces exercises and missions and in crisis and disaster management.

ESG provides comprehensive services for the entire system life cycle:

  • Requirements analysis, creation of performance specifications
  • Software design, prototyping, implementation and customisation
  • Roll-out with integration, configuration and operation
  • Instructions/training for administrators and users
  • Software maintenance/modification
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