Esg: Police Tactical Workstation For The Croatian Police

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

The Croatian interior ministry has awarded ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH with the Europe wide contract for the modernisation of their EC-135 fleet. The procurement of helicopters operating from the airfield Lučko near Zagreb in 2013 lacked the "typical" police equipment, which is why their range of operations is currently limited to training and transport flights. However, from 2016, the helicopters will also be used for daytime and night-time surveillance tasks.

ESG Modernisation Contract

A main element of the new mission system is the mission workstation for an additional operator based on the PTANG. The 3rd generation of ESG´s operator console has full HD monitors, an adjustable screen mounting frame , and it can be adjusted for a wide range of ergonomic needs during flight. Central connector boxes and quick fasteners ensure quick set-up times. A further element of the mission system is an electro-optical system (EOS) with daylight, MWIR, low light and SWIR sensors, as well as a laser measurement device and laser illuminator. For this, the new "StarSAFIRE380HDc" from the manufacturer FLIR Systems was specified by the customer. As a supplement to the EOS, the customer also required a high-power searchlight with multiple colour filters. The "A800" searchlight from the manufacturer TRAKKA will therefore be put into operation.

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