ESG has Developed Training Simulators for Naval Pilots

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH has developed a "Cockpit Procedure Trainer" (CPT) for German naval pilots. This simulator exactly recreates the cockpit of the Sea Lynx MK 88A helicopter which is used on the frigates of the Bundeswehr (German Federal Armed Forces). Pilots of the Bundeswehr can use this to train for future missions and to practise with the airborne system whilst still on the ground.

The CPT was developed because the current Sea Lynx helicopters are being modernised in the next few years. They are currently being fitted with new flight electronics, including new display and operating elements. Therefore, the training content of the new simulator is targeted to learning to use the new components. ESG will reproduce the cockpit with all operating elements for this purpose. Instead of using the original operating elements, the CPT will be controlled via touch screen.

Training Simulators for Naval Pilots

Training Simulators for Naval Pilots

In addition to this cockpit variant, which gives pilots a realistic image of a real helicopter, ESG has also developed a simplified laptop variant of the CPT. This way, procedures and scenarios can be practised more easily in various locations using the training simulators for naval pilots.

The new CPT will complement the German navy's present training simulator, which is located in the Netherlands. It will be installed directly in the Navy Air Wing (MFG) 3 in Nordholz. The simulator can be controlled and maintained via the specially secured Bundeswehr network, a type of military internet, from ESG headquarters in F├╝rstenfeldbruck.

For the CPT order, ESG can fall back on more than twenty years experience in the development of helicopter and aeroplane simulators. ESG is currently operating simulators for CH 53 and TIGER helicopters as well as for TORNADO, EUROFIGHTER and A400M aeroplanes in its technology centre in F├╝rstenfeldbruck.

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