Tools for Pharmaceutical and Biotech Laboratories


Developing the treatments and cures for tomorrow’s growing and ageing population requires hard work and new thinking — from screening of targets through drug development and regulatory clearance. Getting from ideas to mature solutions requires determination, passion, and excellent tools. Eppendorf’s tools for the laboratory have been among the finest and best for 70 years.

Your Expert Partner for the Laboratorymore

Eppendorf offers a variety of scalable and comprehensive hardware and software solutions for R&D, especially in the pre-clinical phase as well as clinical phase 1. The Eppendorf product range includes pipettes and automated pipetting systems, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers, and DNA amplification equipment as well as ultra-low temperature freezers, CO2 incubators, shakers, and cell manipulation systems. Consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, and microtiter plates complement the range of highest-quality premium products.

We Know Bioprocessing

Our technologically leading fermentors and bioreactors support the biological production of new drugs and biosimilars in pharmaceutical companies all over the world. With a comprehensive offering of autoclavable, sterilize-in-place, and single-use products for the growth of mammalian, microbial, insect, plant, and algae cells, and working volumes of 60 mL – 2,400 L, the Eppendorf bioprocess portfolio satisfies the demands of process development through production.

Beyond the Products

In ever-changing environments like the life sciences, training of employees is the key to long-term success. New technologies, new methods, new ways to work — staying on top of the latest developments needs trusted partners who understand your daily routine. The Eppendorf Training Center provides an easy-to-understand and active environment of practice-oriented seminars. Participants will learn the operation of Eppendorf devices, understand specific workflows and receive important hints to run applications in their lab properly. Also, Eppendorf offers globally standardized service products. From a Quick Check to a Premium Performance Plan package — users can choose from different levels of maintenance and service according to their needs.less


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