Providers of Systems Emulation Using Process Testing Software


Although founded in 1988 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, our company staff have been doing emulation for over thirty years.

We have been responsible for seamless lab-to-ramp implementation of others' baggage handling control systems at airports around the world. We accurately model your BHS and connect our tools directly to the BHS control systems using the actual control system software. You get to see actual functional and load stress performance before commissioning without physically moving a single bag.more

Serving both the customer and supplier , we have used emulation as a tool to ensure low cost commissioning and compliance in a wide range of material handling technologies.

Airport Baggage Handling Systems

Your airport baggage handling system is mission critical. When baggage is re-routed due to a system failure, the cost of re-delivery and lost goodwill is high.

When we apply our emulation tools to your baggage handling system, whether it is existing, a modification to existing, or a greenfield site, we can inexpensively test and record scenarios which are very costly, too costly, or impossible to do with the actual baggage handling system. We can test thousands of bags per hour, with no manual labour. You can completely train your control room staff without moving a single actual bag.

Systems Emulation

Systems emulation is the process of testing ALL of the components of your material handling system in a virtual environment. In your actual system, you have computer systems and PLCs driving machinery. In emulation, you take away the machinery and attach the rest of the system to our emulation tools. Now the computer systems and PLCs believe they are interfacing with the actual machinery ... but they are not. They are interfacing with another computer system which displays and records everything that happens in your baggage handling system, in a time frame and environment conducive to analysis. You get to see a much bigger picture than what you see in the bag room. Unexpected and sometimes invisible interactions become apparent.

Process Testing Software

Process testing software is software which runs independently of that being tested, and objectively determines how that being tested performs.

When we apply our emulation tools to your baggage handling system, we can test at all levels of your process, from functional through to high loading. We can provide the tests in a manner which may be re-run at any time. We can record the results of the tests. We can compare the results of a previously accepted test regressively to the same test run after a modification.less


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