Automatic Video Trackers, Advanced Countermeasure Test-Bed System

Electro-Optical Imaging, Inc

Electro-Optical Imaging is a leading supplier of video trackers, image systems and rugged optics for military applications. The company produces a wide range of solutions for fixed, ship-based, vehicle- and aircraft-mounted imaging and video tracking. Applications range from surveillance and tactical tracking to test range and industrial imaging.

The full product range includes:

Portable Multi-spectral Tracking Systems Real-time Mobile Tracking Systems Fixed Site Tracking Systems Rugged Camera / Lens Systems Military Optics Tracking System Controllers Legacy Trackers and Controllers Video Tracker Software MATS - Mobile Automatic Tracking System Master Slave Tracking System Weapons Scoring Systems Advanced Countermeasure Test-bed system EW Tracking Systems

Automated Video Tracking Hardware

Electro-Optical Imaging offers a diverse product range of automated video tracking hardware, including compete standalone devices in fixed, portable or vehicle-mounted formats, along with individual trackers (either boxed or as separate circuit boards) for integration with military vehicles and systems.

Currently, the most popular tracker is the 7005 model offering real-time tracking with HD-SDI (up to 1080p) and Camera Link interface support with an impressive image resolution of 2048 x 2048 and frame rates as high as 4000 Hz. The systems feature a versatile feature set enabling a range of targets to be tracked in various environments.

Recent developments include the 8100 and 8200 systems - compact video tracking systems with a custom form factor for easy integration with a wide range of systems. All these automatic video trackers can be adapted to applications ranging from tactical tracking and surveillance to robotics and laboratory applications.

Real-Time Video Tracking

E-O Imaging offers integrated multi-spectral, real-time tracking systems with applications ranging from aircraft and missile tracking to weapons scoring and trajectory analysis. All systems are compact and lightweight featuring sophisticated automated video trackers, controlling cameras, rangefinders, and other devices.

A range of formats are available, including fixed, mobile and man-portable equipment, with customised configurations available for equipment of all weights and formats. Contact Electro- Optical Imaging for advice on the best solution to meet your requirements.

Tracking system controllers are also available to support the full range of video trackers. The Model 702 Controller can be operated either separately or in combination with the graphical user interface built in to the tracker. Software can also be provided for easy configuration and calibration of the tracking system.

Rugged Camera / Lens Systems

Electro-Optical Imaging offers specialist, rugged camera / lens systems with a rugged enclosure protecting the lens and camera assembly from the effects of vibrations, shocks, temperature change and airborne contaminants. This allows them to be transported safely over rough terrain and unimproved roads and operated in a range of harsh environments at temperatures between -35 and +60ÂșC.

The system is fitted with a heater for reliable operation in cold environments. The camera, lens, heaters and power supply are fitted as a single package, sealed into the enclosure and pressurised with dry nitrogen to protect against airborne contaminants and moisture.less


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