High-Speed Roll-Up Fabric Door (EFA-SRT)

 The heavy-duty forklift door

The EFA-SRT® is a real allrounder!  It can be used as inside door or as additional hall closure. For each opening which is extremely often passed by forklift trucks, the high-speed roll-up door from EFAFLEX is a high-quality solution.

Always in good shape

Robust plastic ropes and tension springs in the side members of the door hold the curtain under tension when opening and closing. Wind, negative pressure, heat or cold and draft air cannot affect the curtain: It is always in shape and can be wound up and unwound without any problems and at any time. The extraordinarily heavy-duty hangings are available fully transparent or in different colours.

  • Clean room version available
  • Door opening speed up to 2 meters per second
  • Up to 150,000 operating cycles per annum
  • Standard size 6,000nmm x 6,000mm

Three special curtains as option

In addition to the standard curtain, which is made of silicone-free PVC, EFAFLEX also offers three special curtains as option for the EFA-SRT®, which can be used for different applications. All three curtains are made of a transversely stable material and are silicone-free.

Special curtain 1 is made of PVC-coated polyester. It was developed for the field of food logistics and is FDA-approved for the transport of dry food.Special curtain 2 is made of urethane-impregnated polyester material and is the best option if a hardly flammable curtain is needed for the EFA-SRT®.Special curtain 3 was developed for the use in painting plants and is therefore free of substances which are detrimental to paint adhesion. It is also made of urethane-impregnated polyester material.


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